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Customize Your AnchorCard Lead Magnet Delivery Email

A lead magnet is one of the best ways to get new leads online and the all-new Lead Magnet feature on your AnchorCard is the perfect way to collect leads and deliver your lead magnet all in one place!

In this article, you'll learn how to customize your lead magnet delivery email before turning this feature on!

If you have never used a lead magnet before, please click here to learn what a lead magnet is and the basics on how to start using it in your business.

If you have already customized your email and are looking for instructions for how to turn the lead magnet feature on, click here.

What is a lead magnet delivery email? #

When someone signs up for your lead magnet, your AnchorCard automatically sends them an email that contains a message from you and a link to download your lead magnet PDF. This is called your “lead magnet delivery email.”

Before turning on the Lead Magnet feature on your AnchorCard we need to customize your delivery email. To tell us how you want it customized, complete the form below.

How to customize your lead magnet delivery email. #

Once you submit this form your lead magnet will be ready to use within 2 business days, Monday-Friday!

Don't have a lead magnet yet? Use our Canva editable Lead Magnet Design Kit to create yours! This kit is FREE for AnchorCard subscribers. Click here to learn how to download it.

Once we have customized your lead magnet delivery form, you're ready to turn this feature on! Click here to learn how.

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