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How to Promote Your Ambassador Link in Facebook Groups

Important: ALWAYS read the group rules before posting ambassador links to make sure they are acceptable to share! Some groups kindly ask that you don’t share links and you should respect those guidelines when they apply. When sharing your ambassador link always disclose that it is an ambassador link.

Here’s a super simple way that you can use Facebook groups to share your affiliate link:

Step 1:  #

Go to

If you’re not part of ANY Facebook groups… or you want to join more, click here for a list of 17 groups for biz owners.

Step 2: #

Use the search bar at the top to search for words relevant to the product you want to promote. Here are examples for some of our best-sellers:

  • The Lifetime Challenge:“Leads,” “Lead Gen,” or “Referrals”
  • AnchorCard Digital Business Card: “Business Card,” “Digital Business Card,” “website,” or “Digital Card”
  • Savvy Social Tribe: “Social media,” “social media marketing,” “creating content,” “posts,” “marketing,” “engagement,” or “hashtags”
  • The Full Circle System: “New consultant packet,” “onboarding guide,” “recruiting,” “Canva,” “editable packets,” or “hostess program
  • The Virtual Party Playbook: “Online party,” “Facebook party,” “virtual party,” “social media,” or “party games”

Step 3. #

Then, use Facebooks filters to sort your search results. On a computer, choose these options in the left sidebar:

  • POSTED IN GROUP: Your groups (so you only see posts from groups you are in)
  • SORT BY: Most recent (so you see the most recent posts, not super old posts)

If you’re using the app on a phone or tablet:

  • Choose “posts” at the top
  • Then, click the menu on the right of the search bar
    • Choose “2021” under “date posted,” and 
    • “Your groups and pages” under “posts from”

Step 4. #

Scroll through the results to find posts where the product you're promoting could potentially be helpful to the person who posted it. Here’s an example of a post found using this method:

  • “Hi guys, I’m desperate for new leads. I’m not getting referrals and my lead boxes are duds. What should I do?”

Step 5. #

Post a helpful comment directing the person who posted towards product you're promoting. For the example post shared above, this could be an appropriate comment:

  • “Hey [NAME]! Lead gen can be tough, I’ve been there! So first, keep your chin up – you’ll get through this! Second, I think you’d love the FREE Leads for a Lifetime Challenge with Anchor Design Co. that’s happening in July. I’ve found their training incredibly helpful – they don’t just teach old school tactics… They always have fresh, modern strategies. Here's my ambassador link in case you're interested in joining the challenge! > [INSERT YOUR AMBASSADOR LINK]”

Rinse and Repeat! #

Keep on scrolling through the results to reply to more posts and get more clicks of your affiliate link! The more people who click your link, the more likely they are to join the challenge… and the more likely you are to earn commission!

Feel like you’re running out of groups to post in? Facebook has hundreds of thousands! You can search for more or check out our list of the top 17 groups for biz owners and entrepreneurs: Click here!

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