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Add Templates to Your Canva Account

Canva is my all-time favorite design tool for businesses. Canva makes it easy to create high-quality designs that look professional even if you don't consider yourself a designer. It is simple to use, especially compared to professional design software like Photoshop or Indesign, which makes it a fast way to create gorgeous graphics.

Today, I'm going to teach you how to add Anchor Design Co. Canva Templates to your Canva account.

First, be sure you have created a Canva account. If you have not, please click here to create a Canva account, then come back to these instructions.

You must have your account set up and you must be logged in before starting any of the other steps!

Add Your Templates to Your Canva Account #

Step 1: Login to your Canva account in a separate window or tab.

Step 2: Click the button below for the file you’d like to save. *note: that file will open in a new tab!*

Step 3: Click the “Use Template” button when the new tab opens to add the file to your account

Repeat this process for all Canva templates that you want to add to your Canva account.

Step 4: Once all files have been saved to your Canva account create a folder called “Anchor Design Co. Templates” and add your new files to the folder.

That’s it! You can now begin using your files!

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