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What to Expect in Your Savvy Social Tribe Monthly Marketing Plan

The Savvy Social Tribe is your partner in achieving consistency in your business. While we take care of creating strategic, growth-focused posts you're going to focus on bringing YOU to the group and growing the number of members.

That might mean that every other week you go live with a short and sweet makeup tip. Or that every weekday you set a reminder in your phone to check for new comments and reply so no one is left hanging.

No matter what, you can rely on us to make sure your group is getting amazing content every other day so your customers stay warm and never go stale. And in this monthly marketing plan, you'll find not only the posts you can expect to see in your group, but suggestions, tips, and ideas for how to show up in your group the rest of the time!

What you'll find in your Monthly Marketing Plan #

Your monthly marketing plan includes a monthly posts-at-a-glance calendar which shows you what days you can expect us to post.

Each following page shows you what image we will be posting, the copy that is paired with that image, and has a strategic action step that you can use to follow through and get the most out of your Customer Facebook Group.

This gives you 30 days of high quality, strategic content and actions steps to help you gain momentum and get the most out of your Customer Facebook Group every month.

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