How to Use Lead Magnets to Get More Leads Online

Leads are the lifeblood of your business and without them you can’t book, and you definitely can’t sell. But when you’re business is operating online and you can’t use a lead box, get referrals, or warm chat how do you find new people to do business with?

Introducing: Lead Magnets!

A lead magnet is one of the best ways to get new leads online. Also sometimes called an “opt-in”, a Lead Magnet is something that you give away for free in exchange for someone giving you their contact information so that you can market to them.

Now that you know what it is, you’ll probably see it all over the place. Maybe your favorite pizza place offers a coupon if you sign up for their emails? Maybe you get early access to a special sale at your favorite clothing store if you sign up for text alerts? These are all lead magnets.

You can even see an example of a lead magnet on the Anchor Design Co. website home page! Just scroll about halfway down and you’ll notice a free download section. Here at Anchor Design Co., we meet about 40-60 new business owners each day through our lead magnet… and we want that for you too!

Example of a lead magnet from

So what supplies do you need to start using a lead magnet to get new leads online?

A lead magnet is a particularly great tool because you set it up once and then it’s good to go – you just have to share it with people. Unlike a lead box you don’t need to check it – new leads are delivered right to your email inbox.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • A form to collect leads that will email your new lead their freebie after signing up
  • Something to give away as your freebie
  • A social media image to let people know your lead magnet exists

So what to give away for free?

While you might immediately think of giving away a sample or a coupon, we’re actually going to go in a different direction. Something that can be delivered instantly online without any additional work for you. Your lead magnet, the thing you’re giving away for free, should be something that solves a problem for your potential lead- this is what makes it so valuable to them that they are happy to exchange contact information for access.

A great place to start is a guide that teaches them how to do something.

Guides are quick and easy to put together using Canva and they help your customer view you as an exper tin your field. For example:

  • 3 Eyeliner tricks that will give you the perfect wing every time
  • 6 Essential oily every new mom needs in her pantry
  • Selling your house? Use these 3 candle scents to make buyers fall in love with your home!
  • Got the quarantine 15? Follow this simple 3 step workout routine to look and feel your best in under 15 minutes!

See how each one solves a very specific problem and hooks the reader, making them curious about what they could learn?

Ok, cool, so how do I collect those leads and deliver the freebie?

Great question! To collect your leads you’ll need a system that allows you to:

  • Collect contact information
  • Automatically email your lead their free download
  • Alert you that you have a new lead
  • Access their contact information afterwords

My favorite tool to use for this is the AnchorCard Digital Business Card!

One of my favorite things about the AnchorCard Digital Business Card is the lead magnet feature. This feature allows you to quickly and easily collect contact information for new leads while automatically delivering your freebie via email!

Just share your lead magnet on social media and include a call to action that says “Visit (your AnchorCard link) to download your (name of your freebie) now!”

You don’t have to lift a finger!

With your AnchorCard you can seamlessly:

  • Capture your leads first name and email address
  • Automatically display a thank you message, prompting them to head to their email to download their freebie
  • Automatically email your new lead their freebie immediately upon signing up
  • Allow you to access their contact information afterwords through your own personal dashboard

Plus,  your AnchorCard not only makes you look incredibly professional but it also allows your customer to explore your business.

From your AnchorCard your customer can:

  • Shop on your website
  • Join your customer Facebook group
  • Book an appointment with you
  • Learn about joining your team
  • RSVP to a party
  • Follow you on social media
  • and more!

Ready to start getting more leads online?

Sign up for and AnchorCard now and get a FREE Lead Magnet Design Bundle with everything you need to create a gorgeous lead magnet quickly and easily!

Your FREE lead magnet design bundle includes:

  • 4 Page Lead Magnet canva template
  • Social media Lead Magnet graphic
  • 7 Ideas for catchy lead magnets that convert
  • 6 Proven ways to promote your lead magnet online
  • Fill in the blank Lead Magnet delivery email script

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