How to Differentiate Your Business Voice From Your Personal Voice for Better Results

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

As an entrepreneur, finding your voice can be tough – especially when you feel so personally connected to your business.

The Savvy Social Tribe is here to help you find your voice and use it to build meaningful connections with your audience. That’s why we give you 30 pre-written, fill-in-the-blank posts every month. So you never have to start from scratch or figure out what to say alone.

When you’re reading these posts you may instantly feel like they fit your voice perfectly and if that’s the case… that’s fantastic!!

But you also might find yourself saying, “I wouldn’t talk like this, so does this really fit my voice?” and that’s totally ok, too.

As a human, you have a personality, a sense of humor, and a way of speaking that is unique to you. It’s what your best friend recognizes, your family knows, and what you fall into naturally when you are just being yourself.

What you might not realize is:

Your business also has a personality, a sense of humor, and a way of speaking that your audience will recognize and respond to. And more often than not, it isn’t exactly the same as your personal voice.

In your business you need to think more deliberately about what you talk about and how you present information. Just like the 5 types of posts that creator your social media ecosystem, your brand voice contributes, too.

When we write your posts in the Savvy Social Tribe, we’re thinking very strategically about what information is included, in what order it’s discussed in the post, and how that information is presented.

It might not sound exactly how you would speak to someone… and that’s ok! It isn’t meant to. It’s meant to provide a specific result: Get engagement, warm up your audience, build relationships, and grow your audience.

As you personalize your Savvy Social Tribe posts, you can update them to add nuances that are relevant to your audience or even use them as inspiration to write posts completely in your own voice.

See how this sentence can be customized?

"You probably already know how hard it can be to  write 30 days of social media posts in under an hour...   find the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone...   paint the nails on your left hand without smudging it...   figure out how to run Facebook ads all on your own...   cook healthy meals every night with a toddler running around...   start a podcast if you've never done it before...   design graphics if you don't have set branding to follow...  so here are my top 5 tips to help make it easier!"

But remember: It’s ok if it doesn’t sound exactly the same as you might sound when chit-chatting over dinner with your bestie. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – these posts can absolutely allow you to work quickly by simply filling in the blanks and moving on without making tons of changes.

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