How to Make Creating Graphics Faster and Easier Using Brand Kits

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

I know you’re working hard to build your personal brand and I’m wondering if you’ve ever struggled with staying consistent, sticking with a cohesive color palette, or tweaking your designs for wayyyy too long…

Because if you have you’re definitely not alone! Even I struggled with consistency and taking too much time on my designs for a LONG time.

I knew how important consistent branding was – how sticking with one cohesive color palette would help build brand recognition and make it easier to create graphics quickly….

But I constantly felt myself getting a little *too* excited about new colors and pretty fonts, so I’d veer off and do something that was totally not on brand. Hello shiny object syndrome!

But, while I still do get excited about new ideas, I found a little trick that made it a lot easier to focus and on track so that instead of wasting time choosing colors and fonts I could create graphics quickly and move on to more important things like strategically SHARING those graphics….

And that was defining my color palette, fonts, and styles, and sticking to it! And I used Canva to help me with this.

Canva Brand Kits

Canva has this cool feature called a “Brand Kit” where you can pre-set your color palette and choose the font styles you use for your brand so that you can re-use those styles over and over to create cohesive graphics.

While it might look extra-fancy to have all of your colors and fonts pre-selected, saved, and ready to use it's actually SUPER easy to set up! And of course, I recorded a video tutorial to walk you thrugh it.

In this tutorial I'll show you everything you need to know including:

  • How to save brand colors
  • How to save your brand fonts
  • How to save your brand logos

And I'll show you using two different brand examples – one using a Holiday color scheme and another using an every-day brand color scheme that matches our Gabby AnchorCard theme.

Video Tutorial

How to Set Up Your Brand Kit in Canva

Time to take action!

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