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Customize Your AnchorCard Opportunity Videos

Your AnchorCard Opportunity page is a great way to introduce a new prospect to the idea of joining your team and your opportunity videos are a great way to give your potential team member a visual and auditory look into your business!

Today I'm going to show you how to update your AnchorCard Digital Business Card Opportunity Videos.

Customize your AnchorCard Opportunity Videos: #

To update your AnchorCard Opportunity Videos go to or in your dashboard click “Services” then “AnchorCard” from the menu, then visit the “Manage Videos” tab at the top.

Your AnchorCard Opportunity Page displays three videos at all times. Each video can have a Title and Description in addition to the video itself.

You can use any Vimeo or Youtube link for your AnchorCard.

You can also rearrange your video by clicking on the pink number on the left and dragging your preferred order.

To publish your changes to your AnchorCard, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Update” button.

Get Creative! Use your Opportunity video section to promote new consultant special offers. #

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