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As Keleigh’s Executive Assistant, you are responsible for providing support with a variety of tasks on a daily basis. You are highly efficient, work extremely well independently, and feel very comfortable learning new systems and software. You have exceptional communication skills, a love for problem-solving, and extraordinary attention-to-detail. You enjoy working on an ever-changing variety of tasks and do not require a set daily schedule or routine to thrive.

Job Description and Responsibilities:

•   Check for new tasks daily in Asana and promptly acknowledge assigned tasks. 

•   Complete all tasks by set deadline.

•   Thoroughly document progress with appropriate notes

•   Tasks could include (but are not limited to):

        – Scheduling emails in ActiveCampaign

        – Organizing tasks in Asana

        – Managing or updating customer accounts in WooCommerce

        – Making pre-determined changes to website using Elementor

        – Scheduling blog posts using WordPress

        – Research and documentation of finding

The person most fit for this position:

•   Is comfortable managing their own hours and working completely independently to meet set deadlines

•   Is enthusiastic, energetic, and is excited to support a quickly growing online business

•   Is solution-oriented and can confidently make decisions

•   Is highly organized and appreciates efficiency

•   Has exceptional time management skills and can both juggle multiple projects simultaneously and communicate honestly about your timelines, challenges and questions

•   Is always on time and strives to deliver ahead of set deadlines

•   Is highly tech-savvy and can confidently learn new systems and software

•   Has exceptional attention to detail including excellent proofreading skills

•   Has experience using or is confident that they can learn to use it in per-project basis quickly and efficiently:

        – Asana


        – Elementor

        – ActiveCampaign

        – Dubsado

        – OneStream

This position is NOT for you if:

•   Reading this job description felt like “kind of a lot” or too much reading

•   You asked Anchor Design Co. questions that are answered in this job description without actually reading this job description first

•   You don’t find joy in serving others

•   You take a long time to process obstacles or are not a quick problem solver

•   You lack confidence and would feel uncomfortable making decisions

•   You feel that deadlines are flexible as long as you’re “pretty close”

•   You do not like the direct sales industry

•   Need a lot of hand-holding, reminders, or to work in-person with a team in order to be successful

•   Need a schedule or routine to thrive

•   Forget details easily

Important Details

This is a remote position and will have fluctuating hours based on the needs of the business.

Our expectation is that this will add up to about 10 to 15 hours per month, but this is likely to increase during a launch and as the business grows.

You will have full autonomy over where you work and tasks are deadline based. You are responsible for providing your own modern computer and keeping it up-to-date with necessary software to fulfill your duties.

To be considered for this position you must be able to commit to multiple interviews and be available for communication between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern time. This is a 1099 position. 

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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  1. Hey Keleigh, I am interested in more information. Does the dig card require Texting and scheduling software subscriptions? Can you share more about how the google doc tracks leads?And are there bundled packages for all the services? I’m currently working with a CRM creator. However your products appear to be more in line with what I need. Looking forward to hearing from you with more info about your services
    Thank you,
    Joann Rion

    1. Hey there Joann! Thank you so much for your comment! The AnchorCard Digital Business Card does not require any additional software subscriptions to be used. If you enjoy using a texting or scheduling software for your business, that’s great, but plenty of our clients use their AnchorCard without either of those tools. You can get started with an AnchorCard Digital Business Card any time at GetAnchorCard.com!!

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