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AnchorCard Digital Business Card 

The AnchorCard Digital Business Card is an all-in-one mini-website that helps you sell more, get new leads, and grow your team. 


The Full Circle System

Gorgeous custom business tools without the custom design price tag. build your personal brand and completely customize your tools any time, right from your own computer.


The Virtual Party Playbook

Bring your direct sales business online with this online party system that includes copy-and-paste scripts, step-by-step instructions, and editable templates to fast track your results!

Grow a thriving direct sales team!

Use this FREE Canva editable New Consultant 30 Day Success Planner to create an easy-to-follow, action-packed guide to a profitable first 30 days.

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Hey, I'm Keleigh!

I’m here to help you stand out in a crowded market, work smarter not harder, and build a profitable business that lasts a lifetime.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “If I just had a system in place, I know I could be successful,” then you’re in the right place.

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"Hiring Anchor Design Co. has made me look like a superstar. I get much more engagement and I even booked a color workshop that resulted in $800 in sales!"
Julie Kraschinsky
Sales Director

"Anchor Design Co. has the BEST customer service, designs, and branding!"

Heather Daniel Kent Mary Kay Sales Director
Heather Daniel Kent
Sales Director

"Everything I’ve ever gotten from Anchor Design Co. is beautifully made. They bring such value no matter where you are in the career path!"
Kelsey Veert
Sales Director

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