027. How to Build Your Lifestyle Brand with Shannon Parker

 Hosted by Keleigh Lauermann  

It can be easy to blend in with the thousands of consultants representing your direct sales company. But there’s one thing every successful network marketer has in common: they leveraged their personal brand to stand out in a crowded market.

Your personal brand is what sets you apart and makes your business about more than just selling a product and today my guest Shannon Parker is sharing her best tips for building a personal brand with your direct sales business.

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The Highlights:

Short & sweet episode highlights

Building a personal brand while representing a direct sales company

How to overcome the stigma of direct sales

How to clarify your brand messaging and why it’s so important

The #1 marketing tactic that is common in direct sales but Shannon avoids

3 Simple steps to take today to start building your personal brand

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Meet Shannon Parker!

Shannon Parker helps women thrive in faith, food, and fitness. Shannon coaches women who want to feel their best, eat clean on the go, and do life with a Sisterhood. She offers vibrant wellness experiences, dynamic fitness accountability, and a deep dive online nutrition reset with her four weeks to Nourish program so that her clients can thrive from the inside out. Shannon’s drive to see women get healthier and happier has come out of navigating her own emotional and physical challenges with hypothyroidism, then Hashimoto’s within a span of two years-all while experiencing motherhood and ​leading executively.

Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the thyroid. Through nourishing foods and lifestyle changes, Shannon figured out her own body’s unique triggers. She discovered that health is uniquely personal and absolutely tangible! Find inspiration, encouragement, and recipes at www.shannonparker.org and connect with Shannon right now on Instagram or Facebook @foreverfinesse

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