Tired of outdated, ugly New Consultant Packets?

The Full Circle System includes everything you need to book, sell, coach, and recruit while looking like the #BossBabe you are.

Don’t shoot the messenger but…

When your tools look DIY, so do you.

There’s nothing worse than not being taken seriously because you don’t look the part.

But the reality is, whatever your new consultant sees first is how they judge and define you.

So when your New Consultant Packet looks like it’s straight out of 1992you do, too.



But you have a business to run and not a second to waste scouring the internet for something new.

The Full Circle System is your all-in-one solution so you never have to have out-of-date training tools again.

No more wasting time on Google, Pinterest, and Director Facebook groups and no more fees to make changes and updates just because the company launched a new program or product.


You’re committed to working your business, but you’re missing the tools to make it happen. 

So you try to DIY it and end up spending hours on the computer.

Before you know it…. the day is over, and you still don’t have a new consultant packet that you’re proud of.

You’re Not Saving Money By Doing It Yourself.

You need to be in front of people to make a sale, and if you’re in the office on the computer all day that is money — and time — lost.

I’ve been there, girl! You’re not alone.

I thought I had all the time in the world.

I thought that I could invest time instead of money, and I wasted a year using only the cheapest (ie: the free-est) tools I could find.



The minute I took myself seriously enough to make smart investments in my business, the game changed.

This is your opportunity to avoid my mistake.

Within days of purchasing the Full Circle System, I got my very first star qualified new consultant!!!

The commission on that alone paid for my purchase. Talk about return on investment!  

Shelby Jones-Cervantes, Independent Beauty Consultant

You are not alone.

My name is Keleigh, and I’m a marketing strategist and systems expert.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Directors, all the way from DIQ to Inner Circle, who have struggled to get systems in place.

They got stuck in the scroll hole of Pinterest, wasting hours that would have been perfect for a party or calling leads.

But you don’t have that kind of time to waste.

If you’ve made it here then most likely…

You know that your new consultant doesn’t need to be inundated with all-of-the-things immediately but aren’t sure how to pare it down

Your team is growing, and you don’t have time to spend hours DIY-ing it. You need something that works NOW.

You’re SO done with packets that look like they’re straight out of 1992 with outdated information, ugly clip art, and mismatched branding.

Just Imagine…

How much would your business change if you worked every single lead full circle, even for just one quarter?

New team members.

Warm leads.

Profitable parties.

Better retention.


and more.

Mary Kay Starter Kit
Customizable Mary Kay Unit Newsletters


and finally start seeing results in your business?

I love that the Think Pink packet gives potential team members something tangible to take home, encourages them to take notes and write down questions, and instructs them to fill out and send me a feedback form on the back.

It’s a great way to give someone information while encouraging a follow-up conversation when they text the feedback form on the back. Genius!

Becca Fretz, Independent Beauty Consultant

What if there were

a better way?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

Have gorgeous, cohesive branding?
Always have an up-to-date packet?
Never have to pay to update your packets again?
DIY the custom packet of your dreams without having to start from scratch?

Meet the

Full Circle System

A simple system to give your team a smooth experience all the way from customer to DIQ, with a focus on taking action, building sustainable habits, and inspiring long-term momentum.

The Full Circle System includes everything you need to recruit your hostess to be your next offspring director.

Here’s what you can expect

Editable Packets

  New Consultant Packet
Recruiting Packet
  DIQ Guide
  5 Hostess Programs
  Full Circle Party Planner

Plus, 60+ individual pages to mix & match!

Video Tutorials

We don’t expect you to be an overnight expert in editing your packet.

That’s why we include 7+ tutorial videos to teach you how to use free software to customize your packets to your heart’s content.

Free Updates for life

Yes, girl, you heard right!

We’ll keep an eye on what the company is doing and make sure your packets are always up-to-date.

You’ll get an email when a new version is ready to download!

This is your chance to design the custom New Consultant Packet of your dreams without having to start from scratch.

Before I started using the Full Circle System I had ZERO systems in place….and NO idea how to get it together.

This was quick and easy to customize and now I can focus my time on sharing the dream!

The Full Circle System is a one stop get yourself organized, with the packets you NEED. You don’t have to stress out on creating packets for your teams!

Renee Rupon, Independent Sales Director

You don’t have to do this alone

We’ve got your back!


If a product changes, the starter kit updates, programs are altered, or new prizes are released, we’re on it. Your packets will be updated and emailed to you automatically — at no charge.


We’ve recorded simple, easy to follow tutorial videos teaching you to use our favorite free software to edit your packets so you’re empowered to get as custom as you’d like.


We’re dedicated to education and are constantly learning about the most effective trends in marketing, bringing that knowledge to you with new additions to your packets completely free with your one-time purchase.


When you purchase the Full Circle System today, you are making a one-time-investment.

We update your packet, add new packets, and always keep you on-trend at no additional cost.

It’s like having your own personal graphic designer at your fingertips without having to pay for a graphic designer.

As a new Beauty Consultant I was clueless on how on how to run my business until I found your Full Circle System!

I am amazed by how much you cover in just this one service – I especially love the organizational part for taxes. Thank you for making great business tools!

Yanira Sowers, Beauty Consultant

The Full Circle System

Everything you need to recruit your hostess to be your next offspring Director.

Total Value = $1,760+

But you pay only $199

Plus, we will continue updating your packets at no additional cost!

Here’s What our clients are shouting from the rooftops.

Never feel unprepared or outdated again.

The Full Circle System will give you the ability to customize your systems in seconds while always looking like the #BossBabe that you are.

The Full Circle System

Everything you need to recruit your hostess to be your next offspring Director.

Total Value = $1,760+

But you pay only $199

Plus, we will continue updating your packets at no additional cost!

Frequently asked Questions

Are the same things you’ve been doing all along propelling you forward or simply supporting you while you tread water?

Most of our clients had a New Consultant Packet, Hostess Packet, or Recruiting Packet of some kind when they chose to make the move to the Full Circle System…. but they recognized that in order to be different, they needed to do things differently.

The women who came before us paved the way to where we are now, but with a new, younger generation, the same old tactics and tools just don’t cut it anymore — that’s where the Full Circle System flourishes.

With free updates, we are constantly watching the latest trends to make sure you always have relevant materials. You’ll never be out of date again… and you’ll never pay for another update!

All team need efficient systems in order to grow, and a motivated, engaged team is a necessity for all Directors to be successful — whether you’re brand new or you’ve been an entrepreneur for 30 years.

We’ve been there. You’re at a stage of growth where you know you need help in order to get to the next level, but you’re still building up to that dream budget.

When we reached this point, we floundered on the decision to make an investment for months… and when we finally did, we started hitting our goals almost immediately. The return on our investment has been multiplying since.

With our own experience in mind, I encourage you to make an investment in your future — don’t miss out on opportunities like we did.

Absolutely! The Full Circle System a tool to help you build strong, sustainable habits within your team now, while it is still growing, so that as you become a larger Unit, you have a foundation of consultants who are highly engaged, motivated, and excited to be a part of your team.

It is much easier to affect change in a small group, so it is smart to get a new system going now as you begin to grow.

That’s why this system exists, friend!

Having an effective system in place for all areas of your business is crucial to increasing engagement in your team.

Without effective training tools, there isn’t anything for them to be engaged with!

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick, magic solution to your problems, you’re in the wrong place, and I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you.

You see, this is a really freaking awesome system — but no matter how great a system is, it requires consistency and commitment to work from you.

So if you’re ready to stick with it and you’re more interested in the long game than hitting a number just to say you hit the number, let’s do this, girlfriend!

But if you’re looking for someone to do the work for you… sorry, friend! This isn’t it!

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in — the purpose of this tool is not to take away the work you need to do. It’s to make your efforts more effective so that you can build a sustainable business that will not only be around for years to come, but is profitable, truly paying you for the work you put in.

Absolutely! We know you’re going to love the branding we’ve designed, the marketing techniques that we’ve woven into our designs, and the clean look of our Full Circle System.

Just click here to download a mini sample!

Because we firmly believe in protecting the investment of our clients and the commitment they made with their purchase, this is just a small portion what is included so that you can understand the overall style — we reserve access to the entire system for our clients.

The Full Circle System

Everything you need to recruit your hostess to be your next offspring Director.

Total Value = $1,760+

But you pay only $199

Plus, we will continue updating your packets at no additional cost!


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