001. Your Voice Matters: Building a Personal Brand as a Direct Seller

  by Keleigh Lauermann  

So you’ve heard you need a personal brand… but what does that even mean? If you’ve been taught the same way most people in direct sales and network marketing have, you likely took on the identity of your company as your own using similar colors, their logo, and focusing primarily on showcasing their products on social media. 

But there’s different way that you can build your business – a way that allows you to lead with your own unique voice. A way that helps you stand out in a market of people who are all doing some variation of the same thing online. 

My goal today is to share more about what a personal brand really is and what it's not. I'm going to share why it's so important for long-term explosive success, and why your voice matters.

Today you’re not just building like a business, but building like a brand.

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The Highlights:

Short & sweet episode highlights

 What does it even mean to have a personal brand and how it’s different from your company

 How having a personal brand plays a crucial role in your long-term success as a business owner

 Specific examples of how you can build a personal brand and incorporate your direct sales product

 A simple, actionable step-by-step process for how to understand your audience to create a powerful personal brand

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