How To Make Winter Survival Kits

Winter survival kits are one of the EASIEST product bundles to sell during the holidays!These kits sell like HOT CAKES no matter what direct sales company you represent because:

  • Your customers will love their $15-25 pricepoint
  • You can upsell them with almost any order making it easy to increase sales
  • They’re great hostess gifts and party favors
  • They look SO professional but barely cost anything to merchandise… which means they’re mostly profit!

The basic idea is to put together teeny little kits of winter necessities… they’re basically mini gift baskets!

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Here are the supplies you’ll need:

(PS. Click on any supply to see where you can get it!)

and of course, you’ll also need some pocket-sized products from your business!

How to Choose Products

Winter Survival Kits are mini gift baskets, so you can include retail-size products and samples. You’re selling the curated bundle of products, not the individual products themselves.

This is extremely important to remember when it comes to pricing, but we will talk about that more below!

When it comes to choosing products, look for items that are relatively small. This means that if you represent a home-cleaning company, you won’t choose a mop. Instead, you might choose a laundry scent pack.  If you represent a skincare company you won’t choose the full daily regiment.- instead you might choose a mini set or a hand cream. If you represent an essential oil company, instead of choosing a diffuser, you might choose a bottle of oil.

Choosing smaller products allows you to create a mini-sized bundle which is easy to transport and generally a really comfortable price-point. For these exact reasons, Winter Survival Kits not only sell really well by themselves, but being small and inexpensive makes them a very easy up-sell, too!

In addition to your company products, you’ll also include a few “extras” to round out your Winter Survival Kit! The go-to are common winter necessities, like hand sanitizer, lip balm, and tissues. But you can change it up and create other themes as well!

I’ve even created a master-list of ideas for you – just enter your info below and I’ll email it to you while you finish reading this tutorial!

Putting together your Winter Survival Kit

Now that you’ve chosen your products, it’s time to put together your winter survival kit! Here’s how to put yours together:

Step 1: Add your products

Inside your container (A paper ice cream cup or mini popcorn box, for example) add all of your products. Be sure to layer them so that all products can be seen from the front.

Step 2: Fill the gaps

Gently stuff a punch of crinkle paper anywhere there is extra space. This provides a pretty filler and also stabilizes the products so they aren’t easily jostled. Don’t overstuff, but be sure to fix in those little nooks and crannies!

Step 3: Secure your gift

Place the final product into a cellophane bag, pinching the top close to the products. Arrange the cellophane so all the wrinkles are in the back, leaving a clear view of products in the front.

Step 3: The final touches

Use a piece of clear tape to secure the cellophane bag shut, then hide the tape with a bow tied from a piece of ribbon. Tape any loose or extra cellophane under the cupcake cup to make it look more neat and tidy.

On the front of the cellophane, below the line of sight for products include a Winter Survival Kit sticker as the finishing touch!

Click the photo to get these thank you notes!

Pro Tip! Encourage future sales from your Winter Survival Kits!

Before adding products to your Winter Survival Kit, place a thank you note in the bottom of the container so that the receiver of this gift can shop with you later for full-size satin hands set or lip gloss!

The thank you notes in the photo are a great option because they incentivize the giftee to shop with you by offering them a sweet little discount. This is a great way to get new customers!

Pricing your Winter Survival Kits

One of the most important things you can do when pricing your winter survival kits is to remember that you’re selling MORE than just the retail value of your products.

IE: Do not just add up the retail value of your products and set that as the price.

You’re selling gift basket – not just products. And that means that you need to set a price for the ENTIRE bundle, not just the products from your company. Add up the retail value of your products, the retail cost of ALL additional materials including ribbon, tags, etc, and then also calculate how much time you spend putting your Winter Survival Kit together.

Use this to calculate your total cost. Winter Survival costs generally sell for NO LESS than $15 each. Do not sell yourself short – your time is valuable and you do not need to give away all of those extra products for free


You’re now well on your way to creating a beautiful Winter Survival Kit to sell in your Direct Sales Business!

Click the photo to get these thank you notes!

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