9 Questions to Ask Every Potential New Team Member

When sharing the business opportunity with a potential new team member, always follow up with a survey. This is a great opportunity to get a read on how this person feels about joining your company so you know whether or not to pursue bringing them on as a business partner.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through your AnchorCard Digital Business Card. Your AnchorCard includes a gorgeous lead page that is 100% dedicated to selling the opportunity for you. The top of the page includes videos for them to watch – you might put your I-Story here, or maybe some powerful videos from leaders in your company. 

You can text, email, or even post your AnchorCard on social media, making it not only extremely convenient but also a great way to consistently have high-quality branding. You never need to worry about printing quality on brochures, never need to use a Google form that screams “hobby,” and you’ll never be without a flyer because it’s always right on your phone!

After they’ve soaked up all of the exciting info about your business opportunity they can then take a survey at the bottom of the page. This survey can be completely customized at any time, but we suggest a few strategic questions that will help you not only gauge your lead’s interest but also help her begin to picture herself on your team.

Here’s everything we suggest including in your Opportunity Survey:

Contact Information:

Gathering your leads contact information is one of the most important things you’ll get out of this survey. That’s because this is how you will follow up with your lead – whether it’s to help them join your team, reach out for reorders, to just connect with them as part of the full-circle nurturing process. Here’s what we suggest you collect in your form:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address

As a bonus, you can also ask for their birthday. This is great for two reasons. 1. You’ll know if they’re old enough to join your team and 2. You can send them a birthday card or call them to say happy birthday, which is a huge relationship builder.

It’s also a great idea to ask your lead how they prefer to be contacted – phone, email, or text – so that you can connect with them in the way that makes them most comfortable. If they feel valued when they receive a personal phone call or they like to text more than talk then do that! The more comfortable you can make your lead, the more likely they are to join your team. On the flip side, if they’re uncomfortable they’re more likely to associate that feeling with YOU.

Future Pacing:

Next, include a few questions that use a strategy called “Future Pacing.” Future Pacing is when you ask questions in a way that helps your lead begin to imagine themselves in a specific situation. In this case, you’ll ask questions that help your lead see themselves as a member of your team. Here are some questions you could include:

  • If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
  • If you could ask any question(s) about the Opportunity, what question(s) would you ask?
  • If you were to join my team, what would be your 3 primary reasons? Then, let the customer choose from a selection of benefits such as:
    • The sense of community and friendship
    • To make some extra money on the side
    • To earn a career car
    • To feel like my hard work matters
    • To replace my full-time income
    • To add flexibility to my schedule
    • I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship
    • To represent a company that shares the same core values as me
    • To be able to spend more time with my family
    • To gain control over how quickly my career advances
    • To get more opportunities for growth and personal development
    • To make a positive impact on other people’s lives

Interest Level

Finally, you’ll want to ask a question gauging their interest level. This let’s you know where they stand: There’s no reason to continuously follow up with someone who is absolutely not interested. But you might be surprised by who is! Sometimes people have trouble saying they’re interested, so asking them in a survey gives them a passive way to share their thoughts with you. Try a question like this:

  • Which best describes your interest in joining my team? Then, give them a selection of answers to choose from:
    • Sign me up! I’m SO ready for this!|I want to sign up
    • I need a little more info! Can we get coffee?|I want to schedule a coffee chat
    • This might be for me, just not today. Follow up in a month or two, please!|Follow up in 1 -2 months
    • Definitely not for me, but I’m happy to be your best customer!|Not interested

The most important things to keep in mind are:

  • Make a good first impression. How you share the opportunity is how your lead will perceive your opportunity. So if you’re using a Google form that screams hobby, or a piece of paper that’s spent one-too-many weeks getting battered in your starter kit bag… that’s how your lead is going to think about your business. Instead, use high quality, gorgeously branded tools to share about the opportunity. Show your lead that your company is on-trend, professional, and that you are taking your business seriously, not just treating it like a hobby.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t overwhelm your lead with too many questions or they won’t finish the survey.
  • Follow up within 24 hours. Don’t let your leads excitement wane. If they’re not interested, thank them and assure them that you love that they’re a loyal customer. If they are interested, set an appointment to meet with them within 48 hours of submitting your survey. This is the timeframe during which they are most likely to join your team – while the benefits are still fresh in their mind!

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