An all-in-one mini-website that helps you sell more, get new leads, and grow your team.

“I used to get a lot of $0 facials… I haven’t had a single zero since I started using my AnchorCard!”

Jill Rollefstad, Sales Director

If you’re here then most likely you

→  Are exhausted trying to keep up with all of the half-implemented systems in your business.

→  Find yourself forgetting to follow through in the booking and post-party process and your income is suffering from it.

→  Know that consistency will make all the difference but don’t know where to start.

→  Are tired of feeling disorganized and busy all the time and just need help to break the cycle.

→  Have a system in place but it’s outdated. Your business is stuck in 1992 and it’s holding you back.

You’re tired of hustling every day and ready for something fresh and simple that helps you check off your to-do list, not add to it.

Could you be successful if you had just one tool that gave you…

• An easy, authentic way to grow your warm audience on Facebook?

• A simple, effective way to market the opportunity on the go?

• A great excuse to get someone’s phone number when warm chatting that doesn’t feel scammy?

• A way to pre-profile your party guests without having to spend time awkwardly calling strangers?

Can you imagine?

What would your life be like if you only needed one tool to run all of the most important parts of your business?

What results would you see?

New Team Members, Warm Leads, Profitable Parties, Reorders, Residual Income, Confidence

“My AnchorCard has seriously been the best investment. It’s a super classy way for guests to RSVP for my parties and join my Facebook Group. It is worth every penny!”

Rachel Dart, Beauty Consultant

Introducing the

The AnchorCard Digital Business Card is an all-in-one mini website that helps you sell more, get new leads, and grow your team.

All right from your phone.

One tool. One website. One link.

Here’s what you can expect

Your digital business card is a mini website with features that help you manage 5 key areas of your business:

Generate new leads through warm chatting.

Set yourself up for a profitable party with easy pre-profiling and RSVPs.

Share the business opportunity with a gorgeous marketing page.

Grow your warm audience with a customer Facebook group call-to-action.

Manage leads for easy post-party booking + follow up

“The AnchorCard is perfect for warm chatting and getting party RSVPs! It gets results for me that a physical business card never has.

Becca Fretz, Beauty Consultant

“I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient and the Digital Business Card makes that possible because I’m able to collect valuable information easily and conveniently!

Monissa Childs, Sales Director

You are not alone.

My name is Keleigh, and I’m a marketing strategist and systems expert.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Directors, all the way from DIQ to Inner Circle, who have felt overwhelmed by all of the tools and systems available.

They often found themselves trying 5, 10, or more tools at a time that each solved a different problem.

The result was that they ended up with hundreds of dollars of monthly fees and a confusing amount of software to learn.

I created the AnchorCard Digital Business Card to give them a simple tool that could multi task with a low monthly cost.

The AnchorCard Digital Business card is your one-stop solution to make it easier to work all areas of your business:

• Booking
• Selling
• Team Building
• Pre-Profiling
• Generating Leads

Available in 5 gorgeous, highly strategic designs!

I’ve used years of marketing and design experience to carefully design your digital business card to work for you.

We’re not just stringing pretty colors and pictures together to make you look nice.

We’ve invested in getting to know digital marketing inside and out so that you don’t have to.

And when you set up your AnchorCard you get to choose from 5 gorgeous designs so you can show off your beautiful personality.

Meet Cassie

Cassie is adventurous and bright and loves a pop of floral and lush green.

Meet Audrey

Audrey loves to keep it classic with delicate gold, blush, and hints of Tiffany Blue.

Meet Maghon

Maghon is bold and bright and she always turns her mistakes into confetti. 

Meet Julie

Julie is bold and fun and loves a good statement earring with a pop of hot pink.

Meet Amanda

Amanda is sweet and loves her country sheek decors with hints of pink and blue.

Take the AnchorCard Personality Quiz to see which design is your perfect match!

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