Selling to Husbands: My Favorite Script for Valentine’s Day

What is the key to sales on Valentine’s Day? 

  • A just-above-comfortable price point to help your client feel like they splurged
  • Gorgeous, strategic marketing
  • and most importantly, an experience worth remembering

Cue this FREE Gift of Pure Indulgence closing sheet!

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We designed this sweet treat to help you boost your Valentine’s Day sales with:

  • 3 bundles, all at a comfortable $65 price point
  • 3 exclusive experiences for your client to choose from
  • Savvy pairing tips for your client to complete their gift

Selling to husbands is different from selling to us ladies. They aren’t clipping coupons or out to find the best deal.

What men want is to feel like they are truly pampering and treating the woman in their life. They want to feel like they are doing something special for her and that they really went out of their way for her. 

(By going a little over the typical price point of say, $50, he feels like he splurged and indulged her!)

Materials needed:

  • Phone
  • Hubby’s phone number
  • A JPG Closing sheet with 3 sets, all at the same price-point. (Enter your name and email below to download my favorite closing sheet for FREE!)


Hi, [Hubby]! I don’t know if [Wife] has mentioned my name before, but I’m Kelsie, [Wife’s] personal beauty consultant. During our last session, [Wife] left me with a wish list of products that she loves and would like to buy for herself. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d reach out to you to see if you’d like to surprise her with a gift from her wish list. I put together 3 sets using her wish list–would you like to see them? =)

PURPOSE: You’re introducing yourself, explaining your relationship to his wife, and asking his permission to show him what his wife is looking for. Do we know ANY men in our lives that aren’t looking for the secret road map on how to surprise the woman in his life? 


Here are 3 sets that I put together for [Wife]! I made each set its own special experience for her. I’ve also included a tip on what you can pair for an extra-special gift, if you’d like to add a little something extra at home! Which set do you think [Wife] would love the most?

PURPOSE: You’re showing him that not only are you sending him the list of what she wants, but you’ve put some thought into this. In fact, you’ve taken it a step further and really put together ways that you, husband, can take it further at home. This is where that savvy pairing comes in.


I totally agree! I didn’t want to sway your decision, but that was my favorite set for [Wife], too! I’ve included a little discount for you because [Wife] is one of my favorite clients, so your total is $65. I’ll start putting her gift together for you -– I can drop it off at your home, work, or meet you somewhere convenient in-between on (DATE OPTION 1) or (DATE OPTION 2). What would be better for you?

PURPOSE: You’ve now agreed with and confirmed his decision, you told him he was getting a savings, and most importantly, you assumed the sale! He will decline if he doesn’t want it, but you’ve gone ahead and assumed the sale and given him options on how to get that perfect gift.


Ok, awesome! I can’t wait for you to give [Wife] her gift–she’s going to love it! Do you have time for me to give you a call with your total in about 2 minutes? Thank you so much for letting me help make [Wife’s] Valentine’s Day extra special!

(alternatively, if you use free PayPal invoices, you can say this instead) 

Ok, awesome, I can’t wait for you to give [Wife] her gift–she’s going to love it! Here is a link for your invoice–you can just click this link and pay right online with PayPal or any credit or debit card! I set it to expire tonight at 9pm, that way you have time if it isn’t convenient right this second! Thank you so much for letting me help make [Wife’s] Valentine’s Day extra special!

PURPOSE: You aren’t waiting until you drop off the products to get payment. Don’t put yourself in a position where you go through all of this work and don’t get paid.

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Now go out and sell to lots and lots of husbands this year!

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