They Chose You!

Remember when hanging out at the mall was THE thing to do?

There would be kiosks between the stores. You know the ones. Where the guy would (aggressively) ask if you wanted to sample their lotion?

I remember one time I thought “Why not!” and next thing I knew I was trapped. He immediately launched into a story about the Dead Sea and how their products have magical benefits.

I started to tune out, looking for my escape route. I soooo wasn’t interested. I just had dry hands, ya’ll, and needed the moisture!

I didn’t go to the mall that day to buy lotion. I already had 2 bottles at home. I just wanted to pick out the perfect date-night dress.

You see, here’s the difference. When I walked into Nordstrom, I chose to be there. I was looking for a dress. I already knew I wanted to buy something.

But when the lotion guy trapped me, I was caught off guard and totally shut down to the idea of making a purchase.

I realized that sounded a lot like my business.

Much like the guy at the Dead Sea Beauty kiosk, warm chatting is effective for certain situations. However, I had a group of customers that already loved the products and chose to be a part of my customer Facebook group. They wanted to be in my space and were warmed up to the idea of buying something from me.

I knew that if I  nurtured those relationships, I had a better chance of making a sale.

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With so many things on my to-do list, I didn’t know how I could find the time to build those relationships. All I wanted was one date night with the hubs!

  • Booking parties,
  • Holding parties,
  • Working my full-time job,
  • Taking care of my family (and the pups!),
  • And finding time for self-care

How would I ever find enough hours in the day?

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Even with the right tools and all the time in the world, I knew I needed to say something that mattered. I didn’t want to come across as spammy and seem like all I cared about was the sale. I needed the right words to say to make the group a place that my customers actually wanted to show up in.

Your group can be a place of belonging. A place where your customers go to find encouragement and feel empowered.

Just remember:

Your audience chose to be there. We may not be as glam as a pretty dress at Nordstrom, but our audience did choose us. They said no to the lotion kiosk guy and joined our group instead. They want to hear what we have to say. 

Your audience wants you to show up for them.

By now, you know that your customer Facebook Group is where your warmest leads are. But my bet is, you’ve probably had times where you have felt like you don’t know what to post.  Maybe you have:

  • Struggled with getting your group members to comment or like your posts
  • Felt uninspired or unsure what your customers want to hear
  • Found it difficult to stay consistent–life just keeps getting busier it seems!

If you said yes to any of these, then I would like to invite you to join me tonight. I’m hosting a free live training to teach you how to have an engaged, profitable Facebook Group.

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At this live training, I’m going share:

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  • The 7 types of personalities that exist in your group. Plus, I’ll show you what to expect from each one, so you can harness the dynamic of the people in your Facebook group.
  • How to plan your social media content so you stay consistent no matter how busy life gets.

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This event is taking place tonight at 8:00 pm EDT. If you can’t make it live, as long as you register before 8 pm on the 17th, you’ll get free access to the replay!

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

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Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Thanks for reading, friend! We love bringing you on trend marketing tips and tools to help you run a profitable business. We believe in looking past what is popular, and instead finding what is sustainable so that you can design a business that fits into your life, rather than having to find time to fit your life into your business.

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