The Videos Every Potential Team Member Needs to See

Videos are such a great way to share information about joining your team because they're incredible personal. They really make it easy for your lead to become emotionally connected to the idea of joining your team and the transformation it could have on her life. They're also easier for your lead to absord because they appeal to multiple learning styles: Listening and watching.

So what videos should you choose? Here are a few ideas!

  • Your own I-story: Nothing is more powerful than your own story, so if you can share it on video this is a great opportunity to connect with your potential team member.
  • The I-story of a leader in your company: Don't have a video of your own I-story? Not to worry! Sharing an I-story from a leader within your company is a great alternative. Try sharing two or three videos showing women from different lifestyles and backgrounds.
  • Company team-building promotions: Is your company offering a special bonus or do they have a special promo going on for new team members? Share a video that promotes this opportunity!
  • A testimonial interview: Try interviewing a successful team member that you recruited and share this video with potential team members.

Ready to start growing your team? An AnchorCard Digital Business is a great way to share videos without having to send your customers directly to Youtube which is full of distractions and looks unprofessional.

Instead, you can share an entire landing page dedicated to growing your team right from your AnchorCard Digital Business Card!

This page is a great way to overcome objections, share why someone would want to join your team, and and answer common questions about the business opportunity. Plus, you'll look incredibly professional – a great way to stand out among a sea of hobby direct sellers.

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