Build Your Team Faster: 3 Tips You Can Implement Today!

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

I remember back in high school, all I wanted to do was hang out with my friends. My mom, however, always had another idea. Sound familiar? 

I bet you were a lot like me. You knew exactly what she would say.

“Nope…You have homework to do…. You still have a list of chores to finish….Your room is a mess!”

Ugh! But just lets dream for a minute, shall we?…

Knowing that mom would undoubtedly lead with those objections, you’re one step ahead this time! If you really wanted to hang out with friends, you know you would have to give her no reason to say “no, not this time.” She would have no option but to say “Yes!”

So before even asking you clean your room, finish your choose, get that homework done, and like magic – she says yes and before you know it, you’re out the door and with your girlfriends. 

(every mom's dream, right?)

Being prepared isn't just about “tricking” our mothers into letting us hang with friends (or did mom trick me? I may never know!) It’s also about being prepared and one step ahead in our business too.

It’s about addressing our customers’ objections and needs, especially when it comes to sharing the opportunity, before they come up.

Think about when you are growing your team. Your potential team member has questions, of course… I would too! But if your potential team member feels like they have more questions than answers, they'll quickly start seeing more reasons “why not” instead of reasons “why.” Their confidence diminishing and it becomes impossible to take that first leap….

But if you address those questions before your potential team member thinks to ask them, then you can help her avoid experiencing paralyzing doubt. And while we can’t read mind readers, these questions are usually pretty simple because the same ones pop up time and again.

So let's take a look at the 3 most common objections when growing your team and how you can address them!

Objection #1: She doesn’t believe in herself, lacks confidence, or feels like she is going to be in over her head.

Girl, been there! The first time doing ANYTHING can be scary. This objection, this doubt, stems from a fear of failing and can be addressed by showing her the level of support she has.

As humans, long for connection and community. We don’t want to feel like we’re alone, and we don't want to feel unprepared. Your potential new team member just wants to know that she is going to be supported.

Although many wait until after they have already recruited their new team member to share about training opportunities , the recruiting process is actually a great time to bring this up.

YOU know how amazing the support is behind-the-scenes in your business. You know that your company provides training, you know that there are free resources just like this one all over the internet, and you know that there are so many incredible sisters in direct sales out there sharing their knowledge every day. 

But your potential team member doesn't know until you show her. 

By showing her what training opportunities are available and the support that she will have as she gets started helps her feel confident that no matter what she isn't alone. That there will always be someone there guiding her along the way and that, although she is in business for herself, she is never by herself. 

Here are three actionable, practical ways that you can help her feel confident that she will be supported after joining your team:

  1. Write it down. By writing it down so she can read it and see it, it makes the broad concept of “training opportunities” more tangible. It feels more real to her when she can see it.
  2. Keep it super simple. No need to get flowery and over-explain. People can see right through attempts to make something sound better than it really is. For example: Instead of saying “Listen to voxer calls from top National Sales Directors who have made millions of dollars in their business every day for motivation, inspiration, and training” simplify it and try saying “Listen to free, on-demand training from top company leaders.” The first sentence is confusing to someone new. because it uses company lingo that they aren't familiar with. It also sounds like a huge commitment. The second, though, uses plain language that is easy to digest. It instills confidence, in its simplicity.
  3. Share your story. And I don't mean your “why” behind your business. I mean share where you were when you started your business, how you learned along the path to where you are now, and what your next steps are to get where you want to be. Help her see your path so that she can begin to envision hers.
And, oops! She brought it up before you had a chance! That's ok, now you have an opportunity to support her and give her a taste of who you are as a leader. First, make sure that she feels understood. Acknowledge her feelings and make sure she knows that you view them as valid. Then, align with her, and share that you were once in her shoes, too! You know how she feels. And finally, assure her that training is available and support is abundant by following the three strategies listed above.

“Help your potential team member see that although she will be in business for herself, she will never have to be never by herself. “

Objection #2: She feels like she can't afford to start a business or doesn't have the tools she need.

The idea of starting and owning a business can be intimidating – many people put business owners onto a pedestal that they don’t see themselves on. They feel they either lack the skills, the focus, or the tools to make it happen.

This is your opportunity to let her in on the secret of direct sales: the company gives you everything you need to get started.

Most direct sales companies offer a starter kit of some kind: For a nominal fee anyone can become a representative and receive company training, basic business-tools, and in many cases, even products that are needed to get started.

Likely, your potential team member has an imaginary checklist in her head of all of the things she needs to buy, do, or find in order to start her business. But in most cases, this huge checklist can be condensed into one simple step: Order your starter kit, because it comes with everything you need.

Show your potential new team member what it takes to get started in your company up front. For most companies this includes a few small investments at a bare minimum:

  1. Buy the starter kit/Sign up (About $50 to $150)
  2. Set up a payment processor (About $0 to $25 per month)
  3. Set up a company website  (About $10 to $25 per month)

The minimum investment to get started in any company is usually under about $300 total…. and the reality is, that is dirt cheap compared to starting from scratch, creating your own product or service. During the recruiting process be open and up front about normal startup costs, including the ones that are in addition to the sign up fee or starter kit.

A person who is a great fit for your team isn't going to be upset that it costs something to start a business. But they are going to be upset if they're aren't made aware and are caught by surprise after the fact.

Use the recruiting process as an opportunity to normalize business investments so that she feels confident that she is fully equipped to get started!

Objection #3: They don't want to be a pushy salesperson or feel that they aren't the sales type.

Every business has at least one thing in common: To reach those bigger goals and dreams, we need to make money.

And that can feel daunting. Scary even. Especially if you've ever dealt with a super pushy salesperson. You know the type… the “can't-take-no-for-an-answer,-I-know-what's-best -or-you” guy that we usually associate with sleazy used car dealerships?

No one wants to be that guy.

And when building a direct sales, this is one of the most common objections from potential team members:

“I'm not that salesy, I'm not the sales type, so how am I going to make money?”

And yep, it's a valid question! Not only does she not want to be “that guy”… you don't want “that guy” on your team!

And this can be one of the hardest questions to answer. Try it on yourself now: How would you respond to me if I asked the question “How am I going to make money if I don't feel comfortable selling?”

My bet is that even if you eventually came up with an answer, it didn't roll off the tongue- which is what it needs to do when the question is asked. So let's talk about it!

How is it that you sell without being pushy? By serving.

By hearing your customer's needs and finding real solutions for them. Talk to your potential team member about how a genuine goal to help your customers others will go further than pushing for a sale any day.

Then, show her the different avenues of income in your company. Because my bet is that there isn't just one! Some common avenues of income in direct sales include:

  • Holding in-person parties
  • Holding online parties
  • Collecting reorders from customers
  • Team building income
  • Career car payments

This helps your new team member not only understand how sales happen without being pushy but also see the specific ways that she can make money. One size doesn't fit all, and this is your opportunity to show her that!

Much like mom needed to SEE the clean room before saying “yes” to my request to hang with friends, your potential team member needs to see the opportunity, too!

So how do you share about the opportunity in a way that answers these questions before she asks?

Now you know the 3 most common objections and why it's so important to address these questions BEFORE your potential team member has to ask… but how do you actually do that?

Especially when working virtually, it's more important than ever before to share about the opportunity in a way that:

  1. Makes you stand out from other direct sellers who are ALSO trying to recruit your potential team member
  2. Builds credibility for you and makes you look like a professional
  3. Is completely foolproof and easy to understand, no matter who you are sharing with

Your customers all have different learning styles. Some will need to hear it and believe it. Some, like mom, will need to see it to believe it. Others will need to actually do it to really understand.

It’s more than just about telling your customers why the opportunity is great. It’s about presenting it to them in a way that they will understand it best, and that’s where the AnchorCard Digital Business Card is your best recruiting tool.

The AnchorCard includes an entire page dedicated to marketing the business opportunity – the purpose of your AnchorCard is to sell the opportunity for you so that when it comes time to have the one on one conversation your potential team member has a baseline of questions already answered. This gives you an opportunity to have a deeper, more meaningful conversation that is personalized to HER instead of just answering the same questions everyone asks.

It starts with a section where you can add videos from leaders in your company sharing about their experience – or your own video! It’s like reading Amazon reviews: Sometimes you just need to hear it from other people, too, to start picturing yourself doing it.

By hearing how other people have gone from saying “yes” to the business opportunity all the way to accomplishing great things, it helps her to feel confident in starting. As the saying goes, “Wow! If she can do it, so can I!”

Filled with the possibilities, she can continue reading about the training opportunities available to support her as she grows. From unboxing the contents of the starter kit to learning about the additional benefits of becoming a consultant joining your team, she can feel confident knowing she will have all of the support and tools necessary to start her business off strong!

“The purpose of the  your AnchorCard is to SELL the opportunity for you – even if your potential new team member is checking it out from home, it’s like you’re right there to overcome objections for her!

Whether your customer learns best by hearing, reading, or writing, she will be able to find all of the answers to her questions and then some!

And if she does have further questions?…Your customer can even share her thoughts on the opportunity via a simple form, so you can book a team-building appointment with her later!

The AnchorCard is a powerful tool when it comes to growing your team.

Our client Sarah used her AnchorCard to move into leadership with 26 team members!  Here’s what Sarah told us about using her AnchorCard:

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