How to Talk About Money During the Recruiting Process

What's the number on questions nearly everyone asks when starting a direct sales business? How am I going to make money.

And for good reason! Businesses, be definition, exist to make money – to provide an income that supports your lifestyle, family, habits, and dreams. And while money can't buy happiness it can definitely bring choices, so it's only fair that your potential new team member wants to know how they're going to make money after they start their business.

But for many, talking about money isn't the easiest thing to do – it might even feel uncomfortable. First and foremost, it's important to know that this is completely normal. And a close runner up is that talking about money gets easier with practice.

To help you get started, here are a few tips for talking about money with your potential new team member:

  • Don't fluff it up. When it comes to making money it's easy to feel like you need to “fluff it up” and make everything seem more grand than it actually is. The truth is, doing this often sounds inauthentic and can lean dangerously close to stepping over the line of truth. Instead, keep it simple. No need to use flowery language – your potential team member will appreciate you keeping it real and staying down-to-earth.
  • Break it down. It might seem like the obvious route to say “you make money by selling products” but the truth is there are other ways to make money in direct sales. Think about all of the avenues of income available: Commission on sales, reorders, team building, bonuses… breaking it down into bite size pieces can help your potential team member better understand how diverse her new business can be.
  • Overcome objections as you go. Don't wait for an objection to come up – with just a little prep work you can overcome objections before they even become a worry! A common objection is “I move a lot, so I can't start a business.” But you can easily overcome this objection by sharing that there are no territories or quotas in your company, so their business is flexible and easy to move!

ready to start sharing the avenues of income in your business? Here are a few examples of ways to make money as a direct seller and how to talk about them! (Keep in mind, these might not apply to every business so be sure to customize for yours!)

  • Make profit on sales: There are no quotas or territories so you sell your products anywhere in the country and make a profit on your retail sales.
  • Earn a promotion and additional commission: If you choose to share the business opportunity and grow a team of Consultants, you can earn a commission on their sales, paid out of the company’s profits (not your team members’!), plus opportunities for bonuses!
  • Earn a career car or choose a cash compensation: When you earn a career car, the company leases the car for you. All you pay for is a portion of the insurance cost! Don’t want one of the many career cars that are available? You can opt to choose a generous cash compensation instead.
  • Move into leadership for even more opportunities for income: As a Leader, you have countless opportunities to earn expanded including additional team commission and special bonuses.

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