Spend Less, Make More: How to Increase Profit Without Sacrificing Quality

Most direct sellers and network marketers fall into one of two categories:

  • Those who love merchandising and can’t get enough of it
  • And those who are totally frustrated by how expensive it can be

And real talk? I see both sides.  Even if you LOVE merchandising… no one loves wasting money. And if you’re already not super comfortable with merchandising, spending more than you need just adds to your pain.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite budget-friendly merchandising materials. So that whether you have a love-hate, love-love, or hate-hate relationship with prepping products for Holiday sales you can keep more of your profit at the end of the season.

My goal with this guide is that you don’t have to spend more than roughly $2 per gift on merchandising.

Because here’s the secret: expensive does not equal irresistible. You’ve heard of less is more, right? Well, we’re going to live that life wholeheartedly. Today, I’m sharing the only 5 merchandising materials you need to create irresistible products to sell during the holidays WITHOUT breaking the bank or eating up your entire profit!

Ready? Let’s do this!

Want to skip the blog post and go right to Amazon? Click the image to see my full Amazon shopping list!

Item 1. – 4 X 9 Clear Cellophane Treat Bags

$6 on Amazon for 50 Bags (8.3 cents each)

These are so universal – pretty much any product can fit inside, making them by far the easiest way to keep gifts together. Even gifts that I know look cute unwrapped get a treat bag because it helps keep them together in travel and under the Christmas tree.

Item 2. – Heavy Duty Muffin Cups

$10 on Amazon for 50 (2 cents each)

These are a non-negotiable for me because they’re the PERFECT size for so many different gifts – just add crinkle paper (I’m getting to that below!), a few products, a cellophane treat bag, ribbon, and a gift tag or sticker and you’re good to go. They’re also a godsend when it comes to holiday open houses because they stand up, making them easier to display.

For example, mascara and lipstick alone in a cellophane bag could be cute, but it doesn’t stand up straight so the only way to display it is to lay it down on the table… which doesn’t look great and definitely makes it harder to see from a distance. However, if you add a muffin cup in the bottom of the cello bag it instantly looks more put together and stands up straight!

Item 3. – Pink Crinkle Cut Paper Shred

$9 for 1/2 LB on Amazon (If you divide this among your 50 muffin cups it’s 18 cent per cup)

This is my go-to filler – it’s simple, bio-degradable, cheap, and really really cute. It’s also lightweight which is a bonus when you are carrying products to and from parties and events. I add this to pretty much all products to fill in gaps or add some color – the bottom of a water bottle, inside a muffin cup, the bottom of a cellophane bag… you get the picture!

Item 4. – Solid Colored Ribbon

$9 for 50 Yards on Amazon (18 cents each divided among 50 cups)

I like to keep my ribbon simple because it makes it more versatile – I can pair it with more products and by using a solid color, not a pattern, it helps ADD visual value to the product… not distract from it.

Item 5. – Holiday Bundle

$67 on AnchorDesignCo.com (55 cents per piece)

When I designed the holiday bundle this year I knew I wanted to keep it under 60 cents per item because nothing irks me more than when I see beauty consultants giving away their entire profit to merchandising materials.

I’m even going to climb up on my soapbox for a quick second here and say (shout): Your sale does not matter if you do not get paid a living wage.

Ok… hopping back down now.

So the holiday bundle is designed to include everything you need to merchandise using only the items listed above, your products (of course), and what is included in the bundle.

Even if you buy EVERYTHING on this page your grand total of merchandising costs per gift will be only $2.02. That’s a big heck-yes from me!

And not only will you have rock-bottom merchandising costs but the result is that you can pay yourself more at the end of the holiday season. And THAT is what this is all about.

Now this isn’t a sales pitch, so I’m not going to get into everything that is included in the Holiday Bundle, but the full list includes over 120 merchandising materials and sales tools. In this bundle you’ll find everything from stickers, to gift tags, to thank you notes, and more.

So friends, if you come out of this blog post with just one thing, let it be this:

Less is more – You do not need to spend your entire profit on merchandising materials. It’s about how you use your merchandising materials, not how many creative (read: time consuming) ideas you come up with.

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