How to Increase Profit During the Holidays by Selling Gift Towers

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

Product bundles and gift towers are an easy way to increase profit during the holidays because you're selling multiple products to a single person…

And wouldn't you rather spend make $100 in 20 minutes with 1 person than spend two hours with five people just to make that same $100?

Here's an example:

5 Gifts to 1 Person

If you sell a $100 gift tower with 5 products in it to a single person and it takes 1 hour to make the tower and sell it you’ve now made $100 an hour.

5 Gifts to 5 People

But if you sell 5 products to 5 individuals for a total of $100 and it takes even just 20 minutes per person you’ve only made $60 per hour.

The reality is: The more time it takes you to sell your product, the lower your profit (and your return on investment) is!

And you only have so much time… So if you use it all up on tiny sales, you're going to have a very low threshold for how much money you can make overall.

So here are a few simple tips to help you sell more gift towers during the holidays!

01. Don't limit gift tower sales to just men and their wives.

Gift towers aren’t just for men to give to their wives! Mothers and other adults gift them to daughters, daughters gift to mothers. A customer could gift one to a hostess or friend that she wants to spoil. Get creative and don’t limit yourself!

02. Don't shop with your customer's wallet

Not everyone has the same budget, and that’s ok, but never assume what their budget might be. Only your customer knows how much they can spend and until they say it out loud – we don’t know.

Even if a $300 gift feels expensive to you, that doesn’t mean it will feel expensive to someone else… or that they aren’t willing to splurge for someone they love.

Avoid saying things like “They’re expensive,” “too much,” “cheap,” or apologizing for prices. Instead, focus on sharing the value and excitement of the gift. Paint a picture for your customer (like I did at the beginning of this post) so that they can envision how happy their loved one will be with this gift.

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03. Gift the Gift of Choice

Give the gift of choice without overwhelming your customer. It can be helpful to have options, but too many choices will lead to decision paralysis (ie: when your customer can’t make a decision and ends up not buying at all).

So instead of telling them to just pick their own gifts or showing them your entire catalog, go for a happy medium: Give your customer 3 choices at 3 price points. Here are a few ideas:

You can use a closing sheet, or a menu, to share your gift tower choices by printing it and showing it at your parties or open house, or by texting it or sending it as a Facebook message. For an example, check out the image above!

This closing sheet displays all 3 gift options and is editable in Canva so you can easily create a custom menu for your products without having to design it from scratch. You could even change the colors and delete the holiday graphics and use this year round to increase sales… gift towers are also great for birthdays, valentines, day, and anniversaries!

This customizable closing sheet can be found in the Holiday Bundle as a Canva editable template.

04. Paint a Picture

Have you ever had a server at a restaurant tell you the daily specials and by the time they're done you've already forgotten most of them? This is a PERFECT example of why having a visual is so important!

Your visual, or menu, should include 3 things for each gift:

Click here to get this editable closing sheet!

05. Charge for your efforts AND expense5

When making a decision about what to charge make sure you calculate in your time and cost for merchandising and wrapping gifts. If you buy a Holiday Bundle for $27 to make your gift tags, closing sheet, etc, there are over 250 pages of Canva templates included. Because of that, the individual cost per gift is extremely low… let's say you sell 50 gifts over the course of the season, so that cost per gift is about 54 cents. If you sold 100 gifts, the cost is about 27 cents per gift, and so on.

If you buy ribbon, or wrapping paper, or boxes, etc. be sure to add those costs, too. You don't run a non-profit, you're running a business. You should NOT be giving away all these extras for free.

06. Don't Give Away the House

Speaking of pricing, it's temping to feel that bigger is better but remember: discounts are taken from your profit. Everything dollar your customer saves is a dollar you can’t bring home to your family.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t spoil your customers with a special discount, but be lean. 15-20% is usually a good discount range. A good rule of thumb is to never give away more than 50% of your profit, maximum.

Here's how to figure out what 50% of your profit is:

Product Retail Cost

This is how much you'd normally sell the product for with no discounts. For this example:


Product Wholesale Cost

This is how much it costs YOU to buy the product from your company. For this example:


Your Profit

This is how much money you make when you sell the product at retail. For this example:


50% of Your Profit

Just divide your profit by 2! For this example:

50 ÷ 2 = $25

What % discount is that?

Divide your "50% of profit" number by your "retail cost." Then, move the decimal to the right 2 spaces. For this example:

25 ÷ 100 = .25 or 25

A little tip for making even small discounts sound appealing is to always say the larger number, whether that's the dollar amount off or the % off.

If you products are under $100, the percent is usually larger. For example: 15% of $75 is $11.25. So 15% sounds bigger.

If your products are over $100, then the dollar amount is usually larger. For example, 15% of $150 is $22.50. So the dollar amount sounds bigger.

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