How To Avoid The January Sales Slump

The truth is, January is usually a slow month.

In November and December customers are in the buy-buy-buy mindset with 🎁 Black Friday, 🎄Christmas, and all of the other ❄️ winter holidays…

But in January everyone goes into recovery mode. As the snow rolls in, your customers begin to 🐻 hibernate and avoid spending as they recoup what they (over)spent at the end of the year.

So how do you avoid sales slump that inevitably comes every january?

Start influencing January buying decisions NOW, before the new year! Every time you make a sale between now and December 31st add an incentive card to the order.

This card from our Holiday Bundle is small but mighty because it invites (and incentivizes!) your customers back to shop with you in January after the hustle and bustle is over!

These incentive cards gift your customer with a special discount on any order $50 plus…. but only in January!

They’ll be excited to do something fun for themselves after months of focusing on everyone else, and they’ll be thankful for a discount after a season of spending. Each card includes a deadline of January 31st. This ensures that even when everyone else is experiencing a post-holiday sales slump, you’ll still be making money!

January doesn’t have to slow, and a fun incentive like this is a great way to invite your customers to come back and shop with you!

Grab these January Incentive Cards and more strategic, profit-focused sales and merchandising tools in the Holiday Bundle, an all-inclusive bundle of sales tools designed to help you spend less and profit more during the holidays!

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