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No matter where you are in your business, having the right tools working for you can save you hours of time and help check off boxes on your never-ending to-do list more efficiently than trying to do all of the things yourself.

Business tools are an investment, and before any investment, it's important to know which ones work and which ones don't move the needle — that's why I've volunteered to go first.

I love experimenting with new software, finding all the ways it can improve efficiency. This page is where I report back on what works and what doesn't.

Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. However, the cost of these resources has not been increased; in fact, I'm often able to offer you an exclusive discount, and if there is a special deal that I can extend to you, I'll include that below, too!

Every Day Tools

These are the tools I interact with every single day — they're an integral part of running my business efficiently.


Asana: For Task & Project Management

Asana is the first thing I look at every day and how I organize all-of-the-things in my business. This is a tool for communication, lists, planning, tracking deadlines, and has completely replaced the pile of messy sticky notes and checklists on my desk.

Tailwind: For Scheduling Instagram & Facebook

I use tailwind to upload photos, write captions, organize my feed, and schedule everything to auto-post. Rather than spending 30 minutes every day getting distracted on social media, I spend one hour once to put an intentional plan in place.

Canva: For graphic design made super simple

Canva is my #1 secret to having great designs without spending a lot of time on the computer… and it's my clients secret to great designs without being a designer! Canva is a must have tool for any business that wants a gorgoeus image, for sure!

American Express Logo

American Express Blue Business Cash Card

This is my absolutely favorite business credit card because it is by far the best cash back option at a rate of 2% on all purchases. I recently switched from my SouthWest card to this card because of the cash back option. When I calculated it, the cashback over the course of a year will be equal to or greater than what i would have paid for flights and now I'm not limited to just one airline. A huge benefit!


ActiveCampaign: For email marketing & automation

ActiveCampaign is my right hand when it comes to marketing – I can collect leads, schedule campaigns to send automatically, see report showing revenue produced by individual emails, and even organize my subscribers by interest, so I can easily give them the content that they find most valuable.

My Favorite Books

My favorite books that have influenced my business.

To learn how to live a deeply intentional life

A simplified Life

For living intentionally in all areas of your life and business.
To learn to make what might feel like your biggest flaw as your biggest superpower

Own it

For using what might feel like your biggest flaw as your biggest superpower.

To clarify your message and brand &


For understanding how to clarify your brand and messaging.

Everything Is Figureoutable Marie Forleo

Everything Is Figureoutable

For an I-Can-Do-It mindset and a go-getter attitude.

Education & Growth

These are my two favorite courses of all time — one helped me understand how to market my business, and the other helped me feel confident managing my finances.

Flourish Marketing Plan Workshop

A 5-day marketing plan workshop. By the end of this 5-day workshop, you will have a full 6-month marketing plan in place and an clear action plan to grow your business. You'll be able to take this course over and over again every time you're ready to lay out your marketing plan.

Be Your Own CFO

If you're like me, tax season is straight up intimidating. Amy's Be Your Own CFO program gave me the confidence I needed to not just be prepared for tax season but to handle my finances year-round from bookkeeping, to paying myself, to deductions, to my retirement fund. 

Funnel Gorgeous

If you would like to use sales funnels, webinars, or want to sell high-quality, robust offers that make your audience say “HELL YES” then Funnel Gorgeous is a company you need to know about. I highly recomend their templates for both funnels and webinars, as well as their courses- specifically The Offer Cure and Webinar Gorgeous. I can't say enough good things!

Shop my favorite finds on Amazon

Razr Kio Webcam

Razr Kio Streaming Webcam – the webcam i use for all videos

My favorite shirt

My favorite shirt (I have it in 3 colors)


Revlon hair Dryer & Volumizer – Cut my styling time in half


My favorite basket for organization in my office

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