017. Why Your Product Doesn’t Sell Itself

  by Keleigh Lauermann  

You wouldn’t be selling your product if you didn’t love it, but it doesn’t matter how incredible your product is: the quality of a product does not dictate how easy it is to sell.

The truth is, selling is more about the psychology of the buyer than it is the quality of the product. If your product  is pure magic, but you are uncomfortable and lack confidence while sharing it… that will transfer to your customer, too. And an uncomfortable customer doesn’t buy.

That’s why we’re unpacking everything that contributes to the sale of a product beyond just the quality of the product itself. By the end of this episode you’ll know why your product just doesn’t sell itself and what you need to do to help your cold leads become lifelong customers.

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The Highlights:

Short & sweet episode highlights

Why your product doesn’t sell itself, even if is incredible quality and your customers have a chance to “try before they buy”

The most common types of sales processes for building fast relationships, even online

Why you need to stop romancing your product and what you need to do instead

The new cost of doing business in a world of spammy salespeople and distrustful consumers

What ACTUALLY made someone buy your product if it wasn’t the quality

The most important thing that you need to focus on if you want to make bigger, faster sales

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