How to Invite Guests to Your Black Friday Party (Virtual or In-Person!)

My husband and I moved into our new house recently so needless to say, we have a few big wish-list items we've been saving up for black Friday. But with everything being online this year I have feeling things are going to sell out fast… so we're made a strategic plan of attack to make sure we get exactly what we want!

And it's a good idea for you to do the same for your business, too.

This year is different than most because many people won't be shopping in person, so a Virtual open house is a good idea to get on your own black Friday wish list for your biz.

A virtual open house is a smart way to increase your return on investment during the holidays. Anytime you can sell to multiple people at one time, you increase your hourly pay. For example, it might take you 3 different parties to sell $500 normally. That is a total investment of at least 5 hours. But what if you held an open house online for just one hour and sold that $500 right then and there? That's way less time, effort, and energy AND you're better serving your customers during a time when they likely want to avoid in-person shopping.

There are a few things to consider when planning your Open House:

The #1 Most Important Thing–People

This comes as no surprise. You need guests to attend your Open House. Without guests, you have no one to sell to and….well, I think you get the picture. Understanding that we need guests isn’t the problem, though, is it? How, you ask, is the best way to ensure you have guests show up? 

The Art of an Invitation

An invitation could be sent in the mail or it could be done digitally, via a text or a Facebook message. Which you choose really depends on your audience and what they will respond best too! Either way, the timing is similar!

Don't send your invitation too early or they might be forgotten about. But don't wait until the last minute, either, or your guest might already have plans. 

Mailed invite or a text, send your first invitation 2 weeks prior to the event. For example, here is a cheat sheet for when you mail your invitations for some popular dates for holiday parties:

  • Party is Nov 15…invites sent out Nov 1
  • Party is Nov 22…invites sent out Nov 8
  • Party is Nov 29…invites sent out Nov 15
  • Party is Dec 6…invites sent out Nov 22
  • Party is Dec 13…invites sent out Nov 29

In-person, virtual, or somewhere in between – if you're sending a physical invitation in the mail, it is the face of your holiday party! You can download a customizable invitation template in our Holiday Digital Bundle. This invitation is 100% editable in Canva and is professionally designed so that you look professional, which builds trust and credibility when inviting guests to join you for your holiday open house.

If you're sending your invitation digitally, use your AnchorCard Digital Business Card.

Your AnchorCard is a great way to give yourself a professional online image which again, builds trust. When customers RSVP on your AnchorCard you're able to collect all of their information online so you can easily follow up later. This makes selling gifts and booking additional parties simple!

No more having to go back through text messages to try to figure out who is coming and who isn’t and how to follow up. Not only that, but this allows you to capture their interest, and even if they aren’t able to make it last minute, you can still easily contact them and help them with their holiday shopping needs. Your AnchorCard allows customers to join your Facebook group, shop on your website, and even learn about joining your team so they can learn more about your business even if they can't attend your party.

Follow-Up is Key

Lastly, friends, I would encourage you to follow up via text 1 week before your event (7 days after mailing your invitations). Here’s a free script you can use:

“Hi, Sally! I hope you’re having a great week! I'm hosting a Holiday Open House on (date/time) where we are (mini-elevator pitch–sum up what you're doing at the event in less than a sentence). I sent an invitation your way on (date you mailed the invite) but saw that you hadn't had a chance to RSVP yet! Can I count on you to be there? I'd love to celebrate the holidays with you! (If you are giving people a free gift for attending, you can add the sentence: I'm making personalized party favors for guests who RSVP ahead of time, and I'd love to make one for you!)”

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