Make Money at Your Parties: Everything You Need to Start Doing Today

I’m so looking forward to date night with the hubs this weekend!

I work from home behind a computer, so my day consists of black leggings, comfy shirts, and messy buns. On the weekends, I have my Saturday morning Pilates class, house cleaning, and more beautiful time planning and dreaming.

THIS Saturday, however, is special. The hubs is surprising me and taking me someplace he knows I’ll love. I get to get all dressed up! I’ve already pulled out a cute dress, dusted it off, and steamed it to perfection.

It doesn’t matter how hard my week was. It doesn’t matter how tired I am from Pilates or house cleaning. 

I’m looking forward to this so much! In fact, it’s what’s getting me through this tough week.

Ah, that feeling of having something to look forward to. 

Maybe for you it’s date night with your honey boo, maybe it’s girls’ night on the town, or maybe it’s a cozy night in with a glass of red and a Hallmark movie. (I may be all three!)

Whatever it is, nothing is going to get in the way.

What if your guests felt that way about coming to their beauty experience with you?!

What if they didn’t cancel because they were tired or had to work more or forgot or ___insert reason___…

Instead, what if they looked forward to it like a date night with the hubs?

Did you know that pre-profiling actually HELPS get your guests excited about their beauty experience?!

Why do we look forward to date night? Is it because someone is giving us a free meal? Okay, maybe sometimes… but mostly, no!

It’s because we have a connection and WANT to spend time with that person!

By pre-profiling your guest, not only are you getting a chance to learn a little more about her, but she’s getting to know YOU. You’re building that trust factor. You’re investing in her. You’re showing her that you care and want to tailor her experience to HER needs.

The truth is, most parties are cancelled because the hostess starts wondering why they booked it in the first place. They question whether or not you, as the consultant, are just going to be begging them to buy a product for an hour. Because they don’t know you very well, they assume the answer is yes. This is why pre-profiling and staying in touch with your hostess prior to her party is so important.

It builds the relationship so that you’re no longer a random person texting her. (How many times have people assumed you’re a robot texting them?)

Now she can confidently say, “No, she WON’T be pitching me for an hour! This will be fun!” You’re a fun person she wants to get to know and is worth putting off her to-do list for.

People don’t buy your products. They buy YOU!

You’re a part of the package and part of what the customer is buying. The way you present yourself and communicate with your guests has a powerful effect on your credibility. Having your guests RSVP through your AnchorCard allows you to ask for her demographics, skin care concerns, and a number of other things that make it easier for you to create a one-of-a-kind, tailored experience for your customer.

So often in this world, things seem merely transactional. You ask for a cafe latte with your card in hand, and the barista gives you your drink without another word. You step into Target for a new toothbrush and inevitably walk out with a cart full of stuff you didn’t even know you needed. You go through the self-checkout, pay, and leave–never even talking to a single person. Because of this, when someone takes the time to ask you, “How are you? How can I help you today?”–it stops you in your tracks. 

When you pre-profile and get to know your customer, you show her that you truly care. More than that, you align as a friend and not just another business. Her guard will come down and ultimately she’s more likely to make a purchase because she trusts you!

YOU–and how you treat your customers–are what sets your business apart!

By knowing her and catering to her needs, you’re no longer just a free meal on date night (or skin care sample, in this case) –you’re her reason to dust off her cute dress and slip on her pair of heels (or cute pjs–no judgement here!) and enjoy her evening with someone she’s connected to and wants to spend time with!

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