How to Increase Sales at Your Next Party By Pre-Profiling

Want the secret to making more sales at in-person AND online parties?


Pre-Profiling is when you find out your guest's needs BEFORE the party so you can show them relevant products AT the party.

Want the secret to making more sales at in-person AND online parties?


Pre-Profiling is when you find out your guest's needs BEFORE the party so you can show them relevant products AT the party.

IE: So you can show them the stuff they're likely to buy instead of things they don't care about.

Pre-Profiling is one of the fastest ways to boost sales at your parties.

And don't just trust me when I say it… I want to prove it to you!

Let's look at a few examples in various industries:

Beauty Industry

  • If your guests are into glitz, glam, and fashion, then you'd show them makeup related products….
  • ….But if your guests are 70 with advanced signs of aging, then you wouldn't show them makeup. You'd show them advanced skincare solutions. 

Health & Fitness Industry

  • If your guests are women without a fitness routine, you'd teach them how to get started on a healthy journey…
  • …But if your guests are fitness buffs who hit the gym 6X a week, then you'll talk to them about advanced routines.

Essential Oils Industry

  • If your guests are into natural medicine then you might show them ways to use essential oils in home remedies…
  • …But your guests are interested in oils because they smell good, you might talk to them about fun custom blends based on the season.

See how learning about your guest's needs can change the entire trajectory of your party?

When your guests see products that address a specific problem they actually have, they're more likely to make a purchase.

The result is that:

  • Your guests are happier with their experience
  • They become repeat customers because they know you truly understand them
  • You make more money because you're serving your clients instead of selling them!

So how, exactly, does one “pre-profile?”

Pre-profiling boils down to one simple thing: asking your customer questions so they can tell you exactly what they need.

The best way to do this is by having guests fill out a form online as an “RSVP…”

And the easiest way to do this is by asking your HOSTESS to get her friends to fill it out!

Yes, that's right! You don't need to cold call ANYONE. your hostess will do this for you.

After setting up the Facebook Group for your party, text your hostess this:


Ok, I just set up your private Facebook Group so you can invite your friends! I have a super simple copy-and-paste text invitation that I'll send over in just a sec… do you have time to send this to 20 friends on Facebook or via text within the next 24 hours? It should only take 10 minutes or less!

Notice that this message doesn't feel like I'm “laying down the law” or telling her what to do. It's casual, comfortable, and tells her exactly what I'm looking for (20 friends in 24 hours). It also reminds her that it's a simple, fast task (10 minutes or less).

It overcomes any objections for “no I don't have time” or “I don't know what to say” before she ever has to feel any seeds of doubt. Next, you're going to share a copy-and-paste message that she can text to her friends.

Try saying this:


Ok, so all you have to do is text this message to 20+ friends in 24 hours then let me know you're done! Oh, and if your friends RSVP using the link in the message I'll mail them a special swag bag of freebies too! Here's 2 messages to make your life super easy:

Then send her this 2 part script. Send each scrip by itself in a separate message so its easier for her to copy and paste!

Message #1:


First, ask you friend if you can send them the details:

Hey (FRIENDS FIRST NAME)!! I’m hosting a (WHAT YOU CALL YOUR VIRTUAL PARTIES) with my friend (CONSULTANT'S NAME) next week. She's giving everyone who RSVPs a free swag bag in the mail, no strings attached! I thought you might like some free goodies…. can I send over the details?

Message #2:


Then ask them to join the group and RSVP!

Ok, so the whole thing is online in a Facebook group – we'll play some party games, she'll teach us some cool stuff about (TYPE OF PRODUCTS YOU SELL)… and all you have to do to get the swag bag is:

1. Join this Facebook Group: (Insert FB group link here), and

2. RSVP here so she knows where to send your swag bag: (Insert link to the RSVP page on your AnchorCard Digital Business Card)Will I see you there? =D

Your hostess will send your AnchorCard link to her guests and ask them to fill out the RSVP form. Because she already has a relationship with her friends, they're more likely to take action than if you cold-called and asked them to do it!

When they RSVP on your AnchorCard, you access all of their answers in your AnchorCard dashboard. We include a pretty sweet, pre-written form in your AnchorCard… but of course, you can customize it any time to include whatever questions are most important for you!

Plus, you'll have all of their contact info saved for future follow-ups.

This makes it SO easy to book more parties with guests and it also makes sending them information about joining you team incredibly simple.

You don't need to chase your hostess down for a guest list… each guest will literally send their information to YOU.

Ready to boost sales at your next party?

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Not only does your AnchorCard make it super easy to pre-profile party guests without cold-calls, but it also:

  • Gives you a super-effective way to generate leads without asking friends and family
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  • Makes you look incredibly professional, boosting your credibility
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And so much more!

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