How to Pre-Profile for Higher Profit Parties

Pre-profiling is when you learn about your customer BEFORE their party so that you can show them products based on their needs/interests. When you show someone products that directly relate to their interests, then your chances of not only making a sale, but selling more in a single order, increase exponentially. 

Pre-profiling traditionally has involved calling each guest and asking them a series of questions. If the thought of cold calling 5 people you’ve never met makes your stomach churn, don’t worry. Pretty much everyone feels that way (including me!)

That’s why you’re going to have your hostess do it, using your AnchorCard.

Your AnchorCard includes a pre-profiling form that is completely customizable so your guests can RSVP to your party or event right from their own phone. No cold calls needed! Your hostess will include your AnchorCard link when she invites her friends to her party. In fact, I’ve written an entire script for you to ask your hostess to do exactly that. Click here to get my script for pre-profiling!

But it doesn’t matter how great your script is if you aren’t asking strategic questions in your form. Your questions should each do one of three things:

  1. Tell you something about their products needs/preferences so you can show them products they’re more likely to buy
  2. Give you contact information so that you can easily follow up with them after the party
  3. Get them excited about actually attending the party

The key is to stick within these three categories and not add so many questions that your guest gives up halfway. There’s a balance – so let’s talk about what you should be asking in your pre-profile form!

First and foremost, make sure you ask who’s party she’s attending. This is the only question that doesn’t quite fit into one of the three categories above… but we agree that it’s obvious why it’s important, right? Right.

Get valuable needs/preferences information

First up, you need to get to know your guest as it related to your product. This can be broken down into even smaller categories:

  1. What are they doing now?
  2. What would they change about what they’re currently doing?

You want to know what their current situations looks like so that you know where they’re coming from. And you want to know their pain points so that you can present relevant products as a solution. Here are a few prompts for questions that you could ask:

  • How would you describe your… 
  • What do you wish you could change about your…
  • What has held you back from….
  • What do you love most about your….
  • What is something you’ve always wanted to try when it comes to….
  • How often do you currently….

For the most part, many of these questions are open ended because you want to understand your customers true feelings, rather than influence their answers. That isn’t a rule though, so feel free to provide options! For example, if you’re in the beauty industry you might say:

  • How would you describe your skin? …. And then give options: Normal, dry, combination, oily, etc.
  • Or you might ask, “What is your skin tone?” … And then give options: Ivory, Beige, Bronze, etc.

Try to include at least 3 but no more than 5 questions like this, especially if they’re open ended. You don’t want to overwhelm your customer – it’s better to have just a few really targeted questions instead of lots of so-so questions that don’t really give you much information.

Contact information

Getting contact information for your guest is crucial – this is what will allow you to follow up with them after the party. And following up isn’t just for guests that made a purchase. Following up can mean…

  • Asking them to book their own party
  • Getting feedback from them about if they had a good time
  • Sharing the business opportunity
  • Alerting them to a special sale that is coming up
  • Wishing them a happy birthday

The magic is truly in the follow through – so make sure you can easily get in touch! Here’s what I recommend asking for:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address

As a bonus, you can also ask for their birthday. This is great for two reasons. 1. You’ll know if they’re old enough to join your team and 2. You can send them a birthday card or call them to say happy birthday, which is a huge relationship builder.

It’s also a great idea to ask your lead how they prefer to be contacted – phone, email, or text – so that you can connect with them in the way that makes them most comfortable. If they feel valued when they receive a personal phone call or they like to text more than talk then do that! The more comfortable you can make your lead, the more likely they are to join your team. On the flip side, if they’re uncomfortable they’re more likely to associate that feeling with YOU.

And last but not least, ask permission to market to them. Not to get preachy but it is literally illegal to send marketing texts and emails without permission to do so (read more about the CANNSPAM act here) so go ahead and use this as an opportunity to get written permission. Try asking a question like, “Would you like me to let you know when our products are on sale or something new is available?” and then offer these options:

  • Yes! Please text me!
  • Yes! Please email me!
  • Yes! Please text and email me!
  • No, thanks!

Get them excited

Last but not least, add one or two questions that hint at something exciting about your party. One great way to do this is to provide every guest with a party favorite (you could also call it a swag bag) and ask what they’d prefer in theirs. Letting them tell you what they’d prefer in their gift gets them actively thinking about what products of yours they are interested in. It also gives you a big hint – because they’ll TELL YOU what they’re interested in!

For example, if you’re in the beauty industry you might ask what they’d prefer in their swag bag and offer the following options: Skincare, makeup, body care, or fragrance. If you’re in the fitness industry you could offer there options: Energy drink, protein shake, hydration booster.

The key is to not give away the house or full sized products – use sample sizes that your company offers or that you can easily put together for your customer.

Another option is to say something like, “I do a giveaway for a FREE product at every party. What type of product would you be most excited about winning” and then offer a few choices. This options is great if your company doesn’t offer samples or it isn’t possible to make samples of your products!

Don’t forget to pre-profile your hostess!

In the midst of making sure all of your guests are pre-profiled it can be easy to forget your hostess. Not to worry, there are two ways you can do this!

If she booked her party directly with you, then she can fill out your RSVP for on your AnchorCard, too.

Alternatively, your AnchorCard also includes a booking form. So if she doesn’t book with your verbally, she can actually request a party/appointment right from your AnchorCard! This form is also completely customizable so that you can personalize it for your business.

I recommend including all of the above information, plus a few extra questions:

  • Ask your customer what her first choice party date is
  • Ask her to provide a second choice
  • Ask her how many guests she would like to have at her party
  • And if you have themes for your party, ask her to choose the theme she’d like for her party

Your AnchorCard Digital Business Card has been pre-loaded with a few questions. to help you get started including:

  • Asking who’s party they are attending
  • Asking for your customers contact info
  • Asking if they’ve ever tried your brand before
  • Whether or not you have permission to market to them
  • Their birthday

And you have full flexibility to delete or edit any of these questions, as well as add your own any time right from your Anchor Design Co. dashboard.

Once a lead has completed your form, you’ll even be able to manage all of their responses any time from your dashboard. Everything is all in one place – no more managing multiple platforms or learning complicated tech! Your AnchorCard simplifies the entire pre-profiling process, and allows you to do so much more, like:

  • Book parties
  • Grow your Facebook Group
  • Get new leads
  • Recruit new team members

Ready to start pre-proiling to boost sales at your next party?

Start customizing your AnchorCard Digital Business Card today!

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