013. How to Market Your Business on Pinterest with Serena Waller

  by Keleigh Lauermann  

While Pinterest may have started as a place for people to save their favorite chicken dip recipes and DIY projects, it’s really transformed into a powerful marketing tool for direct sellers and online business owners alike. It’s where people go to find everything from information, to education, to products, the same way they might use Google.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re not using Pinterest to market your business, then you could be missing out on new leads, connecting to a larger audience, and even sales!

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Serena Waller from Delegate and Elevate about how to use Pinterest to market your business. Serena is sharing powerful insights from her experience providing Pinterest strategy and management for brands in the wedding and creative industries.

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The Highlights:

Short & sweet episode highlights

How Pinterest helps businesses reach a larger audience

One important way Pinterest is different than other social media platforms

Why planning ahead is important, especially for seasonal content

What video pins are and how to use them

The ways Pinterest can provide a return on investment like no other social media platform can

The steps to take to get started with Pinterest for your business today

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