How to build your team using learning styles

As I’m writing this, I’m dreaming about my next massage. I get one once a month.

Even as I type that, it makes me feel so EXTRA, but it’s truly about health! 

When the hubs and I set our 2020 goals, getting monthly massages was at the top of the list. I’m a business owner (#FemalCEO) and he works for a luxury car manufacturer as a district manager. Needless to say, we both have a lot of stress that just comes with the job!

Being the researcher that I am, I started off the year looking into different massage therapists in the area. I used to have the BEST massage therapist until I moved. And I just haven’t found “the one” since, but I was determined to try!

We landed on Massage Envy and booked our first massages.

When we went to pay, the front desk worker dutifully went through her sales spiel. 

She didn’t have to convince me. We knew we wanted to become members and receive our monthly dose of ahhh.

But here’s the thing…

If I hadn’t gone in knowing I wanted to join their membership, I would NOT have joined.

Not because I didn’t want to spend the money.
Not because I didn’t like the masseuse.
But because–

I wouldn’t have been able to make a decision because honestly, I have to read and see things before I can make a decision… and while she was talking at me I was a deer in headlights.

You see, I’m NOT a verbal learner.

Do you ever meet someone new and ask for her name, and then 5 seconds later you don’t remember it? Yep, me, too. On the other hand, if her name was written on a name tag, for instance, I’d have totally remembered it.

In the same way… If she had shown me an iPad with a webpage, I would have been all over that. Because that’s how I learn best.

It’s NOT that I wasn’t interested in what she had to say or didn’t want the opportunity. I just couldn’t process it the way it was presented.

The same thing happens when you’re sharing the opportunity with your customers.

Just like you and me, they have a learning style that is best for them. Maybe they DO like hearing things. But maybe they need to read, visualize, or watch a video….

And if you don’t share the opportunity with her in a way that SHE is comfortable with then she isn’t going to absorb the info.

So it isn’t that she isn’t interested in your offer… like me at the massage checkout, she might just be feeling like a deer in headlights.

We all have different learning styles. You have visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners.

If you’re only verbally sharing the opportunity at your parties (virtual or in-person!), what might be some other ways you could incorporate the message?

Learn by Watching or Reading – You need to see it to learn it.

  • Share your AnchorCard link by posting it on Facebook, texting it to guests, or telling people the link either during a Facebook Live party or in person at an in-home party so she can read about the opportunity anytime of day at her convenience
  • Your party, virtual or in person, is a great demonstration of what it is like to be a beauty consultant! Your guests are watching you the entire time. This is your chance to show them what your job is like.

Learn by Hearing – You need to hear someone say it to learn it.

  • Verbally share the opportunity at a party, and sprinkle it in often! If you party is virtual, you can casually mention it in posts or in your Facebook Live a few times – that way when you formally present the opportunity they’ve heard it and gotten comfortable with the idea already.
  • Direct her to the videos on your AnchorCard where leaders are sharing their real-life experiences
  • Because these videos are totally customizable you can actually include videos of anyone – you, your favorite role model, or someone else that you know will connect with your customers.

Learn by Doing – You need to try it yourself to learn it.

  • Have her help you with your skincare class. Show her how easy it is to do it! Even if your party is online via Facebook you can still coach your hostess on how she can be your BEST salesperson.
  • When you send her the link to your AnchorCard, she has the opportunity to see the different hands-on training opportunities available, which makes her feel comfortable knowing she will be supported. So many people don’t go into direct sales because they’re afraid they won’t know what to do or say… so we’ve made sure they can see how supportive you and your company is in helping her grow her own business.
  • Allow your hostess to get involved by having her man the Satin Hands station as guests arrive. She can give them each of the three steps as she greets them! If you party is virtual, ask if she would do a 5 minute Facebook live demonstrating her favorite product – you never know who might say yes, so it doesn’t hurt to ask!

Learn by Talking or Discussing – You need to talk it through to learn it.

  • Encourage your guests to ask questions, and in return, ask them questions.
  • During your party, try playing the ticket game. For every question that your guests ask about the opportunity, give them a ticket. At the end, give a fun prize like a mini mascara.
  • Ask your guest to complete the opportunity marketing page on your AnchorCard, and book her for a follow-up conversation so you can talk with her about the opportunity – this chat can be done via zoom or in person!
  • During the close, discuss your customer’s lifestyle needs and make targeted recommendations based on what she says. Answer her questions 1-on-1.

Learn by Understanding Reasoning – You need to understand the WHY or the PURPOSE behind something to learn it.

  • Share the “why” behind what you are doing. Since your party is your best demonstration of being a beauty consultant, you can use it as an opportunity to shed insight into what you are doing!
  • Use your AnchorCard to answer questions and give deeper explanations when you are not present. It represents your brand when you can’t be with your customer.
  • Be patient in answering questions, and don’t hold back details

My favorite all-in-one tool for nurturing customers of various learning styles is the AnchorCard Digital Business Card. Just like this blog post which offers text, audio, and a Facebook Live option, your AnchorCard caters to multiple learning styles! Give your potential team members the best possible opportunity to, well, learn about the Opportunity! 

Just like the front desk worker at Massage Envy should have done, don’t only rely on a long spiel to share your message. Find multiple ways to share the opportunity that will reach ladies of all learning styles.

Get an AnchorCard of your own to share with your customers, and watch your team grow online or in person!

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