The Super Simple Email Template Everyone Should Be Using to Deliver Their Lead Magnet

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

The most important part of your lead magnet, aside from the lead magnet itself, is how you delivery it. The delivery needs to be fast and seamless and it also needs to leave a good first impression on your need lead. This is the start of your relationship, after all!

Most likely you're delivering your lead magnet via email using a tool like an AnchorCard Digital Business Card or another automated system. When you use an all-in-one tool like AnchorCard you can focus on the things that are most important, like what your delivery email should say, instead of wasting time figuring out the tech.

So what exactly SHOULD that delivery email say?

It needs to do a couple of things:

  1. Reiterate the value of the lead magnet
  2. Set expectations for what transformation your lead will get from your lead magnet
  3. Provide access to your lead magnet
  4. Invite your lead to continue the conversation

To help you get started, here's a template that you can copy-and-paste!

Hey, (Name)!

I'm so excited to share my free (The name of your lead magnet) with you! This (What your lead magnet is: free guide, video tutorial, etc.) will help you (What transformation it helps them achieve) so that you can (Why this transformation is important).

Click here to download it now! (Make sure you add a link to this text so people can download your lead magnet!)

And I'd love to know… (Ask an open-ended question related to your lead magnet to get them thinking and maybe get them to reply)? Hit reply and let me know!

Enjoy your free (The name of your lead magnet). I'll be back in your inbox soon to share more tips!

(Sign your email!)

PS. Let's connect on social media! Click here to join my free Facebook group (or whatever social media account you want to share) where I shared tips about (topic) and tutorials to help you (what you help your audience do) every week!

Now you have the words you need to deliver your lead magnet with confidence and begin the journey to convert your new lead into a paying customer!

Now all you need is to deliver a world-class experience for your lead that sets you apart in a crowded market and leaves a lasting impression.

Your first impression continues with your email but it starts with how your lead is invited to download your lead magnet. It should be a seamless experience where they feel excited to be a part of your brand!

If you're ready to level up the experience you're giving to your leads, streamline your business systems, and simplify the lead generation process you're going to want to get your AnchorCard Digital Business Card set up ASAP!

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