020. #1 Way to Increase Party Sales (even Facebook parties!) as a Direct Seller

  by Keleigh Lauermann  

As a direct seller, parties look a little different these days. You’ve moved out from behind the kitchen table and into the far from pixel-perfect world of online parties. It was an abrupt transition that definitely wasn’t the smoothest ride!

But one thing that hasn’t changed is how important sales at your parties are. Online, in person, or a hybrid in between, sales matter. That’s why today we’re diving into one of the most effective ways that you can increase sales at parties no matter what format you use to host them.

 By the end of this episode you’ll know exactly simple steps to take to start boosting your sales, how to minimize the additional work needed to make it happen, and you’ll even have the exact scripts you need to start implementing this strategy today.

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The Highlights:

Short & sweet episode highlights

Why this strategy is more effective than any other method of boosting sales

The exact step-by-step plan to put this strategy into action

Simple scripts that actually sound like you so you have the exact words to say

How to minimize the extra effort needed to implement these easy steps

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