The Essentials of Holistic Problem Solving

Do you ever look around and feel like everyone else is propelling forward but you? 

They seem to be living the dream, and their businesses are thriving.

While you…you’re feeling, well…stuck.

I’ll let you in on a little secret — it’s no surprise you’re feeling that way!

Think of it like this:

Trying to do it their way is like  forcing yourself to wear a size 10 flip flop just because that is what works for your friend when what you really need is a wide-width, size 8 snow boot.

It’s awesome that your flip-flop wearing friend found what works for her. But she bases her recommendation on a larger size foot in sunny California. Her life looks like lounging by the pool and bright, warm days. You, with your wider, smaller feet, are sipping hot cocoa on a ski slope in northern Maine.

Her solution just won’t cut it because it doesn’t take into account all aspects of YOUR specific situation.

You need a shoe that addresses more than size. It needs to take into account your location, the weather, and the width of your foot.

And the same goes for your business systems.

What do the different shoes look like in your business?

One shoe for capturing leads

When you’re out warm-chatting, how do you keep track of the leads you get? Do you collect cards that you have women fill out? Maybe you have a clipboard with you to add names and contact information to. After collecting leads, you add them to a spreadsheet on your computer so you can keep track of them all and keep the information together. (I’m getting a headache just thinking of all the moving pieces!)

One shoe for pre-profiling

This shoe could look like the pre-profiling sheets from the company. For others, it may be a survey sent to guests via text before their party date. Yet others don’t pre-profile before the beauty experience. For these sisters, the Party Sheet provides a quick pre-profiling that they can quickly scan while guests are filling them out.

One shoe for sharing the opportunity

This is a big one, and we all have different ways of sharing the opportunity. Whether we have been taught a certain way by our director or we’ve learned another way from a sister director, the avenues vary. Let’s just say…of all the shoes, sharing the opportunity is the statement heel. 

While one director stresses sharing at every party and converting on the spot, another encourages multiple “touches.” How do you keep track of those you’ve shared with and what their interest level is?

One shoe to share products

Do you send prospective guests to your personal website before they attend an event? Do you share a stack of Look Books at each beauty experience? 

One shoe to grow your VIP Facebook group

I’m going to be honest…this was one shoe I always forgot to put on. While running a party, I was so involved with getting to know my guests and sharing the incredible products that I would forget to have guests join my VIP Facebook group. 

Later, I would think to add my guests, but I would have to “friend” them on Facebook first. Try determining which “Amanda Smith” is YOUR Amanda Smith. Too hard. I just gave up and kicked my shoes to the corner.

Now, my shoe-a-holic aunt will kill me for saying this, but what if instead of a different pair of shoes for EACH “occasion,” you had ONE pair that was versatile enough to capture them all?

Instead of looking at each problem on its own and asking yourself, “How can I solve this problem and this problem and this problem,” 

What might be a holistic way to solve each problem together rather than separately?

Sure, you could do these individually, taking up time, and having overlapping systems that conflict with one another. (You so CANNOT wear those black shoes with that navy suit!)

But what if you had one tool that could solve it all…or at least solves some of them in one?

For example, the AnchorCard handles all of these in ONE place. It makes these much more manageable, saves time, AND creates consistency. Instead of taking so much time trying to figure out which shoe to wear for which occasion, you can now give more of your energy to other things! You’ve solved these problems and managed them. 

You can give more to your business, and therefore, your business is going to GROW!

Hello, simple solutions!

Hello to not feeling stuck (in a shoe that doesn’t fit!). 

And hello to your dream business that is now propelling forward and thriving, too!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Here’s how we can help!


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The AnchorCard Digital Business Card is an all-in-one mini-website that helps you sell more, get new leads, and grow your team. 

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Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

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Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Thanks for reading, friend! We love bringing you on trend marketing tips and tools to help you run a profitable business. We believe in looking past what is popular, and instead finding what is sustainable so that you can design a business that fits into your life, rather than having to find time to fit your life into your business.

Have a question? Did this post spark an idea? We want to hear all about it! Drop a comment below!

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