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Holiday Marketing Made Easy!

Simplify your merchandising and marketing so you can make MORE SALES and have HIGHER PROFITS during the holidays.

It's easy for holiday merchandising take over your life and your profit.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

The Holiday Bundle is for Direct Sellers who:

• Are tired of wasting their profit on merchandising materials that don't actually increase sales

• Want gorgeous, cohesive branding without having to spend thousands of dollars on a graphic designer

• Want a clear plan for holiday merchandising so that they don't wind up wasting time fiddling and tweaking

• Want a one-stop-shop for all of their merchandising materials so they can have everything prepared ahead of time

• Want merchandising materials that aren't just pretty, but strategically work increase business after the holidays too

There's nothing worse than working hard to merchandise your holiday products only to wind up paying yourself pennies because your entire profit went to buying supplies.

The Holiday Bundle gives you gorgeous branding and all of the merchandising materials you need, without having to spend a fortune or waste time.

No more wasting money buying materials that you never end up using

Everything is included at one low cost. The Holiday Bundle is a great way to protect your profit so you can  actually pay yourself well at the end of the holiday season.

No more wasting time searching Pinterest for “cute ideas” that just don't pan out

You don't need to guess what looks good! With the holiday bundle it's easy to make a plan because each piece is designed to work together.

No more lost credibility because you look more “hobby” than “professional”

Now you can have gorgeously branded, professionally printed, strategically designed materials that take your business from “hobby” to 
“pro” instantly.

I know what it's like to get completely lost in holiday merchandising…

…to work so hard only to get to the end of the season feeling exhausted and underwhelmed by my results…

I broke the cycle and now I want you help you do the same.

Hey, I'm Keleigh

I'm a marketing strategist and designer.

I've worked with hundreds of direct sellers from brand-new to million dollar earners who all struggled during the holidays. They either:

• Got so excited about merchandising that they completely blew their budget, or they

• Were so overwhelmed that they avoided it altogether and didn't make money at all

And that's exactly why I created the Holiday Bundle.

The Holiday Bundle gives you gorgeous, professional merchandising materials while protecting your profit AND your sanity!

Keleigh Lauermann Teal

The holidays don't have to be stressful, profitless, or overwhelming.

This is your opportunity to make the Holidays:

What would it mean for your life if the 2020 Holiday Season were easy, stress-free, and profitable?

Just Imagine...

With the Holiday Bundle 2020 can finally be your year to...

Make more money…

Feel less overwhelmed…

Look more professional…

Save time…

Less stress, more profit

The Holiday Bundle isn't just cute... it's strategic.

Each individual piece of the Holiday Bundle has been thoughtfully designed with long terms results in mind.
Gorgeous Gift Supplies

Coordinating stickers, gift tags, and more help make your gifts look polished and professional. Each item is quick and easy to use so you can put together professional gift options for your customers in just minutes.

Easy Accountability

Every Holiday Bundle includes a week-by-week income producing  activities tracking tear-off pad so that you can stay focused on taking action that brings in revenue to your business. Accountability has never been so easy (or fun!)

Intentional Marketing Tools

Includes in your Holiday Bundle are tools dfesigned to help you increase business. From referral gifts to coupons inviting customers to come back and shop again in January you'll be set up for long-term success.

The Holiday Bundle includes everything you need to look professional, save time, and increase profit in the 2020 Holiday Selling Season.


The Holiday Bundle

A gorgeously branded, coordinating bundle of merchandising materials and marketing tools to help you save time, look professional, and make more money during the holidays.

Over 120 Pieces in Every Bundle!

Mary Kay Unit Newsletters

60 Stickers

60 Gorgeous Stickers in 5 designs to help you package your products for the holidays. Designs include:

Winter Survival Kit, Fabulash, Special Delivery, Santa Approved Coal, and The Man Can!

15 January Incentive Cards

Avoid the January Sales Slump! Most businesses experience a decline in sales after the holidays. These cards entice your customers to shop with you in the new year with an exclusive January-only incentive!

15 Gift Cards

Offer every customer the option to add a gift card to add to their order to surprise and delighted their loved one! When she comes back to shop with you, you have an opportunity to upsell, book a party, or even invite her to join your team.

15 Referral Incentive Cards

Referrals are one of the best ways to meet new customers because you can piggy back off the relationship between your customer and her friend! Use these cards to incentivize your customers to refer their friends to shop with you with a special offer.

15 Gift Tags

Gift tags are the perfect way to add a polished finishing touch to any gift. These gift tags are gorgeously designed and ribbon-ready with plenty of room for your customers to write a sweet message to their loved one who is receiving the gift.

IPA Tracking Pad

With one tracking sheet for every week through December 31, it's easier than ever before to stay focused on tasks that truly bring revenue into your business. Every week you can track Income Producing Activities, sales, profit, bookings, and more!

The Holiday Bundle is the perfect way to look professional and polished while protecting your and setting yourself up for long-term success, even into the new year!


And, when you pre-order by Tuesday September 22, you'll get this exclusive FREE BONUS!

The Little Black Book of

Holiday Promotions

Put your Holiday Sales on Autopilot with pre-written & scheduled Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday promotions!

This is the fastest, easiest way to prep for the holidays – I've done all the hard work for you!

🚫 No worrying about what type of promo works best

🚫 No wasting time of Pinterest trying to DIY it

🚫 No figuring out what to say to get sales without sounding pushy

🚫 No copy-and-pasting what 5,000 other people in your company are doing

🚫 No hustling at the last minute to figure out your holiday sale

🚫 No forgetting to post on social media and missing out on $$

The Little Black Book of Holiday Promotions saves you time… and sanity!

✅ All of your posts are pre-written.

✅ You'll know the exact day and time to post.

✅ Each post can even be pre-scheduled so your sale is on auto-pilot.

✅ Every promotion can be tailored to any direct sales company by filling in the blanks


Plus, with your Holiday Bundle, get these exclusive bonuses valued at over $150, FREE!


101 Social Media Prompts

$27 Value

Never run out of ideas for engaging social media posts again with my all-inclusive list of Holiday Social Media Prompts. This bonus gives you enough prompts to get you all the way through October, November, December, and then some!


Objection Busting Workbook

$27 Value

Tired of hearing “no?” This is for you! In this workbook I'm helping you bust the most common objections to booking and buying, plus teaching you my framework for overcoming any objection!


Virtual Black Friday Road Map

$27 Value

Going virtual for Black Friday? This roadmap gives you a visual timeline to follow so you know exactly what to do and when.


Booking Script Cheat Sheet

$27 Value

Feeling tongue tied when it comes to contacting customers to book? Not anymore! I'm showing you my exact script sequence from start to finish.


6 Figure Secrets to Getting Leads

$47 Value

Getting new leads online doesn't have to be elusive or hard. In this bonus I'm teaching you my secret to getting new leads that moved my business from just-scraping-by to 6-figures!

Incredible Bonuses

Love Notes

Here's what our clients have to say:

“I had SO many compliments on my packaging from my customers and other consultants! They literally were in love!

Customers ordered double and triple what they would have normally because everything was wrapped beautifully and ready to go!

Keleigh, you made my life EASY with this bundle!”

- Auburnee Stanley, Sales Director

“Before the Holiday Bundle I used to struggle to find ways to share my products, but now I'm more confident than ever!

I'm so impressed by the designs and the quality is beyond what I could have expected, I'll be ordering this again, year after year!”

- Courtlyn Harcrow, Beauty Consultant

“The thing I love most about the Holiday Bundle is that it has everything I need! 

Normally, I spend most of my time figuring out what theme or color or how to do things, rather than just doing it. The Holiday Bundle kept me from overcomplicating things, which I loved. But with the Holiday Bundle, I didn't have to overthink or over analyze!”

- Misti Parker, Beauty Consultant
The Holiday Bundle can give you the confidence you need to take the 2020 selling season head on! You can keep more of your profit, sell more products, and gain credibility with your customers because you look more professional.

Last year the Holiday Bundle sold out in just two weeks...

With only 300  82 Holiday Bundles left in stock, we know it's going to sell out fast!

Don't miss out!

Best Holiday Ever!


Can anyone from any Direct Sales company use this Holiday Bundle?

Yes! Anyone in any Direct Sales Company can use the Holiday Bundle! The designs include no information that is company specific making it flexible enough for anyone to use.

When will Holiday Bundles ship?

All orders placed between September 17 and 27 are preorders. Preorders will begin to ship on September 28th! All orders after September 17th will ship within 3-5 business days after purchasing.

I heard you also have a Digital bundle. Can I get that too?

Absolutely! Upon checkout you can add a Digital Bundle to your order at an exclusive discounted rate. This discount is ONLY available when you place your original order so be sure to grab it now.

Will you restock when The Holiday Bundle sells out?

We have no plans to restock. If you want a Holiday Bundle you should order now so you don't miss it.

Is this a physical bundle or a digital bundle?

The Holiday Bundle is a printed bundle that is delivered right to your doorstep. It also includes an exclusive suite of bonuses which are digital!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is just $5 or FREE when you order 2 or more bundles.

Can you give me a list of all products included in the Holiday Bundle?

You Bet! Here is everything you get with your Holiday Bundle purchase:

• 60 Stickers in 5 designs

• 15 January Incentive Cards

• 15 Gift Cards

• 15 Referral Incentive Cards

• 15 Gift Tags

• IPA Tracking Pad

• 101 Holiday Social Media Prompts

• Objection Busting Workbook

• Virtual Black Friday Road Map

• 6 Figure Secrets to Getting New Leads

• Booking Script Cheat Sheet

This is your chance to have gorgeous branding and strategic marketing tools without having to break the bank, waste time, or hire a designer.

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