Overcoming Objections to Book More Holiday Parties

Written by: Keleigh Lauermann

Fall is in full swing and my Holiday Season checklist is just beginning! What are some of your holiday must-haves?

  • Shop for gifts (and wrap them!)
  • Send cards to everyone and their mother
  • Prepare my business for the busiest season of the year
  • Find time for holiday parties
  • Watch every single Hallmark Christmas movie (twice!)
  • On top of regular day-to-day stuff!

There's so much to do during the holidays that I feel like my weekends (and weeks) somehow get filled up in the blink of an eye. How are we possibly able to get it all done in such a short period of time? They don’t call it the holiday rush for nothing!

I know I'm not alone in feeling the overwhelm of the season. You might be nodding along and I know your customers feel it, too!

And that feeling of overwhelm is the number one reason network marketers and direct sellers just like you hear NO when you ask customers to book a party.

They look at their overflowing to do list and wonder, “where would I even find the time?!” And truly, it's a feeling we can all related to.

So today, let's talk about how to overcome that objection so that you can not only book a party but you can help her out when she feels overwhelmed with things to do during the holidays!

Step 1. Default to empathy

When you customer (or new lead!) tells you that she doesn't have time for a party, don't roll your eyes and feel frustrated.

Instead, acknowledge her feelings, align with her so she knows you understand and she isn't alone. This shows her that you're not just in it for the sale and helps to put her mind at ease. It builds a stronger relationship between you and her and releases any tenstion she may feel.

Try saying something like:

“Bridget, I totally get it. The other day I was making my own to-do list for the holidays and I swear I need at least two extra hours every day to get it all done! It's overwhelming, to say the least so I totally understand how you feel.”

Then, offer her a solution that is respectful of her time and the overwhelm that she's feeling… which leads us to step 2!

Step 2. Offer options that address her concerns

No two parties have to look alike and the biggest disservice you can do for yourself and your customers is trying to fit into a mold.

So instead of trying to get your customers to see why a traditional sit-around-the-kitchen-table party is a great idea, create options that fit into their life and circumstances. Think about how much time that have available, what purpose the party serves, and what they would enjoy most.

Here are 3 “party” ideas that you could offer that aren't just your traditional kitchen-table party:

Click here to download this booking sheet template!

Step 3. Include a clear, descriptive visual

Having a visual “menu” of party options is ALWAYS a good idea. ost people are visual learners and seeing their options layed out in front of them is going to make it MUCH easier for them to make a decision.

So when you're asking her to book a party or event, make sure you share a menu: this could be a picture that you send via text, something that you have… the method of sharing it will be different depending on where you're having the conversation (via text, in person, etc).

The most important party is that it includes 3 things: A catchy name for the event, a clear description of the event, and a timeframe for the event.

You can create this using any DIY design platform, but if you want a head start try using the pre-made, editable template from the Holiday Bundle that you see in the image above!

You can change the colors and fonts with just a simple click if you're not into traditional red and green and then all you need to do is type in your event info – no designing from scratch required. It's a really easy way to start working more strategically without wasting hours designing or searching Google for something that you can't even customize for your own biz!

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find in your Holiday Bundle!

The Holiday Bundle is a gorgeously branded, 100% customizable suite of templates that helps you save time, look professional, and make more money during the holidays! It includes all of this and more:

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