The 5 Things You Need to Do Today to be Profitable This Year

So you’re working to simplify your systems, but you’re still not propelling forward the way you’d like? 

How do we run a profitable, sustainable business using the systems we put into place?

Consistency is the NUMBER ONE thing that bridges the gap between hustling for every dollar and a profitable business that truly allows you to pay yourself what you’re worth.

Today, we’re looking at 5 areas of our business where we can take actionable steps toward consistency so that you can finally stop hustling!

Consistently Meet People

You’re looking at this month’s calendar and wishing you had more parties on the books. How do others make it so easy to book parties?

It can be easy when we first start our business because we’re starting fresh, with a clean slate. We have friends and family that want to support us as we start our new business, which is awesome!

However, we only have so many friends and family. At some point, we are going to have to meet new people. Are you consistently putting yourself out there? Do you ask for referrals at parties? Do you put out facial boxes at local stores? Are you using your AnchorCard to warm chat with ladies you meet at Starbucks?

If you want to book more parties, you need to consistently meet new people.

Consistently Coach Your Hostess

You invited several ladies to one-on-one beauty experiences, but you’re not having luck turning those facials into group parties. You tell her that it’s way more fun with friends, and she agrees, but when it comes time for her party, she shows up alone. While some people are certainly better with one-on-one time, there’s probably more to it in this case.

You see, what happens when you are NOT hosting a party often matters more than what you do AT the party itself.

What are you doing to motivate your hostess before the big day? What incentives do you offer in your hostess packet? (PS – Want some ideas for what a killer hostess packet looks like? Click here, and I’ll email you mine!) How are you making it really easy for her to invite friends?

In a day and age where “time is money,” your hostess is likely weighing her priorities. She’s giving you an hour of her time. How are you making that hour worth HER time AND worth your time? 

Touch base with her along the way! Establish that relationship from the start. Show her that you’re a friend and are there to make the process easy and FUN! 

If you want to have a motivated hostess, you need to consistently coach her before your party! 

(PS…Here’s a FREE party planner to help you keep track of all the fabulous parties you’ll be having after this!)

Consistently Pre-Profile Your Guests

You have an excited hostess now and a room full of lovely ladies joining her. Now what?

I’ll be honest with you all–pre-profiling was not something I was taught to do. I found out what kind of goodie bag each gal wanted, but it ended at that. Did she have dry or oily skin? Was she acne-prone or sensitive? Did she have any skin concerns or products she wanted to try?

I had no clue.

I used the same products on everyone at their first facial and didn’t think twice. That’s the way I was taught, so that’s the way I did it. But boy was I missing out on an opportunity.

Imagine walking into a nail bar and looking at the wall of polish colors. Last time you got Bubblegum Pink. This time you’re going all in with OPI’s “Espresso Yourself.” You sit down in front of your nail technician, and she starts to paint your nails–with China Glaze’s “Are You Jelly?” (A bright blue color, for those wondering). 

Say what?! STOP!!

Not only does blue NOT go well with your ghostly white skin (it’s okay, mine neither!), but you’re not allowed to have “wild” colors at work. Sorry, but I’m “So NOT Jelly” of this polish color. You knew what you wanted, and this so wasn’t it.

Okay, so that would (almost) never happen at a nail bar. (Did happen to me on one occasion!) Each time you get a manicure, it’s tailored to YOUR needs, not the other way around.

So why was I treating the ladies who came to my parties any other way? 

Don’t be like the old me. Tailor the experience to their needs! Ask yourself: How can I surprise and delight my guests today? (Under promise and over deliver!)

If you want a profitable party, you need to consistently pre-profile your guests so you can give them the best experience possible!

Consistently Share the Opportunity

Your goal is to grow your team, and your booming parties are the perfect place to share! Are you sharing about this wonderful opportunity at every skincare class? If you’re not, you’re doing yourself and your guests a disservice. 

People don’t know what they don’t know. In fact, I had one lady ask me if she had to apply to start her own business. She had no idea it was as easy as 1-2-3 screens and bam, you’re in.

Take the opportunity to share any time and in any way you can. Sharing the opportunity does not equal a hard sell. Sharing the opportunity can be as simple as adding a brochure to an order, leaving a hostess packet on the table at parties, sharing your “why” at the start of a beauty experience, or texting your AnchorCard the day after a party. It doesn’t always have to be a pitch. Low-key helps build trust!

If you want to grow your team, you need to consistently share the opportunity!

Consistently Show Others It’s Possible

Now that you’ve mastered consistency in so many ways, it’s time to pass along the torch. You’re holding great parties, sharing the opportunity, and providing an experience that delights your customers. As you grow, show your team members that they can grow, too! The easiest way to do this is to lead by example.

Remember show and tell?

Show your team members how you do it, then give them the steps (and tools like this party planner) to help them stay organized and on track to get things done!

Famed businessman John Maxwell calls this the “Law of the Lid.” If your leadership level (your “lid”) is at a 4, for example, you can never have a team that is a 6, 7, 8, etc. It’s the speed of the leader that determines how far the team will go.

“People OVER value their DREAM and UNDER value their TEAM. Your TEAM determines if you reach your DREAM.”

John Maxwell

If you want your team to move into leadership, you need to consistently show them it’s possible!

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Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

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Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Believing in you, Keleigh & Laura.

Thanks for reading, friend! We love bringing you on trend marketing tips and tools to help you run a profitable business. We believe in looking past what is popular, and instead finding what is sustainable so that you can design a business that fits into your life, rather than having to find time to fit your life into your business.

Have a question? Did this post spark an idea? We want to hear all about it! Drop a comment below!

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