Get More Leads: My Favorite Tool & Script

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you can’t book and you definitely can’t sell … you know that! This means that you need a way to capture leads is both simple AND sustainable.

Basically it needs to have a low initial investment and a way to continue generating leads for you over and over and over again. For this reason, I love Facial Boxes.

If you’re new to Facial Boxes they’re a pretty simple concept. You take a container of some kind, add a sign that asks people to leave their name and contact information in exchange for an opportunity to win or earn something, and place that box in a public location, like a local business, so people can enter.

It’s genius, really. Because as long as the local business is, well, in business you are able to generate new leads. It doesn’t require you to be present – which is super important because you only have a limited amount of time available. When you trade time for leads, you will eventually hit a roadblock. What if your kids are sick? What if you just have a busy week? The less time you have, the fewer leads you have.

I don’t know about you but that ^ just doesn’t work for me.

But Facial Boxes solve that problem because they work even when you don’t have any time on your hands.

So what do you need to create a Facial Box?

First, a jar or container of some kind. This is where people who enter will place their entry forms that have their contact information on them. Here are some of my favorite containers to use for a Facial Boxes:

My budget per Facial Box is generally $5 to $10 or less – I don’t mind spending a little more to make sure it is professional and classy because I know that leads from Facial Boxes convert really well – I know I can make money from these leads. These

Next, you’re going to need a Facial Box Sign.

This is one of the most important parts of your Facial Boxes because it is your first impression – the thing that people see that makes them decide to either enter or walk away… so you want to make sure your Facial Box Sign looks great. It needs to be clean, clear, and easy to understand. It also needs to call out the most important information so that it’s easy to understand from afar – words like “FREE” and “BEAUTY EXPERIENCE” are the ones I like to emphasize because they will hook people in.

It also needs to be honest – so if you plan to contact EVERYONE that drops an entry slip avoid using verbiage like “Enter to Win a Free Facial.” You can simply leave it as “Enter for a Free Beauty Experience” which is an ethical and simple way of advertising that you are giving something away to everyone. This helps you avoid awkward situations in the future and allows you to run your business with integrity!

To help you create a professional, branded Facial Box sign that converts I’ve created a template that you can edit in Canva – this will allow you to create a totally custom Facial Box Sign while also having a strategic design and layout.

Finally, you’ll need a pen and entry slips.

The Facial Box sign I shared above includes customizable entry slips. Here are the questions I love to ask on my Facial Box entry slip:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Preferred Treatment
  • Total Number of Guests
  • Age Range

If you decide to use the Facial Box Sign I linked above, you can customize the questions to say anything you’d like. You can then print them on Avery business cards right at home or on business cards via a company like Vistaprint for super simple, professional-looking entry slips.

I also like to use a pen that is attached to a chain, string, or lanyard.

You COULD use ribbon to attach it but this often look unprofessional and can easily come apart – so I like these chain pens – Click here. They are attached to a wedge with an adhesive back so you can attach them right to your Facial Box Sign.

Now the only thing you still need is a way to contact your leads after they enter to win.

First and foremost, be sure to track where you’ve left your Facial Boxes so you don’t forget! I like to use this tracking sheet – click here. I prefer to pick up my Facial Boxes once a week – I just pick a day and time that works for me and swing by consistently every week. It only adds about 2 or 3 minutes to my drive and is totally worth it because I can reach out to the leads I gathered immediately, while they still remember entering.

When I reach out I prefer to text – most people are on their phones already, so they immediately see my message.

Here is the script I use:

“Hey Jenna, Keleigh here! Thanks for entering for a Free Beauty Experience of your choice this week at Serenity Nail Salon! I hope you had an awesome mani or pedi while you were there! For your free Beauty Experience would you prefer a microdermabrasion treatment, glycolic acid facial peel, moisturizing gel mask, or a deep-cleansing charcoal mask? (Not to sway you, but this time of year I’m a big fan of the gel mask – that dry winter air is KILLING me! haha!)”

Now, I know this is pretty different than what other people like to say. So let’s break it down – because every single sentence is on purpose.

First, I start with her name and say my name – but I do not say my company name. It’s important that the message is personalized to her because honestly, no one likes a bulk message. That feels spammy. And right away, I want her to see my name and start getting familiar with me. I choose to leave my company name out at this point because it just isn’t crucial information. I’ll introduce the company later when I ask “Have you ever tried (company’s) products because?” to determine if she already has a consultant.

Next, I specifically mention the location of her facial box and add a fun personal message that relates to the location. This adds a human element to my message and it also jogs her memory so that she remembers entering her contact info. There’s nothing worse than someone saying “wait, what? I didn’t give you my info” and this sentence is crucial to avoid that.

Then, I ask her what treatment she wants and specifically type out each of her options. One, because it’s highly unlikely she will remember them all off the top of her head. Two, because this is like window shipping – I want her to start dreaming about her experience and how great she will feel after her treatment! I also ask this open-ended question because it requires an answer – it opens us up to a conversation.

Finally, I add a quirky personal note – I don’t just suggest the service they should choose, I just simply share my opinion in a relatable, easy-going way. My goal here, again, is to humanize my message and begin building trust by creating a personal connection.

And there you have it, my friend! I hope you’ll enjoy meeting some fabulous new clients through your Facial boxes!

And if you’re looking for a customizable Facial Box Sign and Entry Slips to use – take a peek at this one! It is fully editable using the free app Canva, right from your phone or computer so you can completely customize it to your business. Some of the things you can customize include:

  • The Background
  • The fonts
  • The colors
  • The words
  • and you can even change the layout or add photos!

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