014. How to Think Like a CEO Instead of an Employee

  by Keleigh Lauermann  

You started a business for the freedom, flexibility, and income potential that only comes with being an entrepreneur. But you can only enjoy all of that to its full potential once you step into your role as CEO.

Shifting from an employee to a CEO requires you to change the way you think, address problems, and make decisions. This doesn’t come naturally to most people though, because we’re living in a society built for employers and employees – not entrepreneurs.

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk more about why it’s important to shift from an employee mindset to a CEO mindset. I’ll go over the difference between the two and give you three ways you can start to change your thoughts and actions to get the results you’re looking for.

You’ll walk away from this episode with some insight into how your thoughts and actions may be reminiscent of an employee mindset and actionable ways to start shifting into a CEO mindset.

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The Highlights:

Short & sweet episode highlights

Why it’s important for entrepreneurs like you to shift from an employee mindset to CEO mindset

How an employee thinks and acts differently from a CEO and why it matters

Three simple ways you can begin to fully embrace the CEO mindset to grow your business

Why it’s important to work on becoming self-reliant as an entrepreneur

How to ask the kinds of questions that get you helpful, actionable answers

Why you need to change your expectations and thoughts about learning curves

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