5 Ways to Market to Your Audience Without Distractions

I was wrangling two overstimulated, 60 lb labradors who desperately wanted to eat a squirrel that had just sprinted up a tree when they arrived. Two gals marching up my driveway, armed with brochures.

Would my hand fall off from holding the leash so tight? Maybe. We were going to find out, as I say, “now isn’t a good time,” and my pups hyped-up energy redirected towards that two people making their way to me despite my objections.

I *clearly* have nothing against salespeople…. But it should have been obvious from a mile away that now wasn’t the best time to get my attention.

The world is noisy, distracting…. And so often the most important question is ignored: Is the person you’re marketing to read to listen?

You can have the best message, best product, best service, but if you're constantly fighting shiny objects like social media, you’re never going to be heard.

That’s why I’ve added strategic marketing features, like custom slideshows, to the AnchorCard Digital Business Card. Now you can share important news and updates with your customers in a distraction-free zone, where you have their full attention.

Here are 5 creative ways to create a custom slideshow for distraction-free marketing:

Products of the Month

AnchorCard custom slideshows are perfect for showing off seasonally features products of the month. New holiday items just came out? These would be perfect to feature here!

Special Offers

Gearing up for black friday? Your slideshow is the perfect place to show off your special offers. When you’re hosting your holiday sales, all you need to do is direct customers to your AnchorCard to learn more.

Tip of the Month

People buy from people they trust – that’s why influencers are so successful! Position yourself as an expert by sharing a few seasonally appropriate tips in your slideshow.

As we head into the busiest season of the year, your AnchorCard is a quiet place where your business can be the center of your customer's attention.

12 Days of Gifts

One of the most popular sales to run during the holidays is a “12 days of gifts” sale. During this sale, you highlight one product each day for 12 days. Your slideshow is the perfect place to highlight your daily products! 

Start with just one slide on day 1, and each day add another. Every time you share your sale on social media add a link that says, “Missed yesterday’s deal? Check it out on *your AnchorCard link* – this deal ends on *last day of the sale*! Don’t miss it!”

Then, people can learn more AND visit your website to place their orders all in one place.

Holiday Shopping Experiences

One of the most common objections to booking during the holidays is “I don’t have time”… and I think we can all agree that this is a super valid objection! That’s why it’s so important to offer multiple shopping experiences for your customers:

  • One that is short and sweet, under 15 minutes.
  • One that is grab-and-go plus a little cocoa for about 30 minutes, and
  • Another that is a traditional party format- an hour to an hour and a half.

Use your slideshow to display these shopping experiences and encourage customers to book with you.

Your AnchorCard is designed to simplify your marketing so that you can focus on what matters most: building long-term relationships with your customers.

Ready to bring more intentional, distraction-free marketing to your business? 

Your AnchorCard will be instantly available after setting it up and you can start using it right away! You can update your settings at any time, right from your phone or computer. Now is your time to skyrocket your business, Friend, you just need to right tools to get you there. Let's do this together!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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