Why Your Social Media Presence Matters

I woke up with the worst pain in my neck and right shoulder. I knew I must have slept on my neck funny from the moment I sat up in bed. Hoping it was just a fluke, I went on about my day, but the pain would not subside. The hubs brought home some Salonpas to use, in addition to the heating pad I had attached at the hip–or in this case, shoulder.

While, yes, the pain was unbearable at times, the worst part was that I had to cancel my Pilates classes that week. There was no way I could be doing all of that when I couldn’t even turn my head.

By Sunday (this all happened on a Monday, by the way), I was ready to try and go to a Pilates class. And giiiiirl!! Have you ever gone a week without working out and then get back at it again? Dang did I feel it! How did my muscles forget all about the work they’d done after only a few days??

When our body isn’t consistent in working its muscles, it forgets what it’s learned.

The same concept applies to our customer Facebook group: when our posts for our customer Facebook group aren’t consistent, our customers forget about us.

We’ve updated our cover photo, profile photo, included a description, and checked our link. We check-in with our customers from time-to-time, but it seems like crickets instead of conversation. More often than not, it’s a lack of consistency that is letting us down. Consistency is key. When we post only here and there or with stock photos everyone else is using, we lose out on some crucial engagement. Fear not, though! You can create that consistency starting TODAY!

Quality Posts Over Quantity

In my Pilates group class today, we all had on a red and a blue spring. I was struggling a bit with the weight, so Erin, my instructor, changed mine to a lighter load. “I would much rather you maintain good form. Quality form over quantity of weights is far better any day.”


I had a light bulb moment that inspired me to write this post, in fact.

Just like in Pilates, the quality of posts in my customer Facebook group far outweighs the number of posts I make. 

It’s more important to have high-quality posts than to have a lot of posts. Fewer posts of a higher quality brings more engagement.

When you’re scrolling through your Newsfeed on Facebook, what is it that catches your eye? What causes you to stop scrolling and engage with a post?

…Or on the other hand, consider the content that you do scroll past. Is it an image that is being reused and re-shared over and over? Is it text with no image?

Perception is everything.

Focus on providing VALUE and building RELATIONSHIPS above all else. Whether you are giving your reader inspiration, a tip or tutorial, a sneak peek into your everyday life, or something that makes them laugh, focus on a well-rounded social feed instead of all-business-all-the-time. People buy from those they trust and have a relationship with, so be sincere, and the results will follow!

Consistency in Posting Over Frequency

Not being able to do Pilates for a week really messed with my mojo. You know what else it messed with? My carefully planned schedule!

I set out to go to pilates 2-3x/week in order to make the best use of my membership and to keep the momentum going. I did not want this to become another New Year’s goal that fizzled out. Missing a week of classes means I have some catching up to do!

Have any of you set a fitness goal before? It’s so easy at the beginning to get excited about it, work-out every day for a few weeks, and then…nothing.

It’s cold outside…you have to stay late at work…you’re tired…the kids have after school activities…and the list goes on. 

Working out 7 days in a row the first week, then 2 the next week, then none the following week, and then 4 the final week? Sure, it averages out to 50% of the month, but I bet your muscles would tell you otherwise!

Just because you have a 50% frequency in gym visits that month, the consistency isn’t there. It would be much better for your body to workout on a consistent basis. Trust me–your body will thank you at the end of the month!

Here’s the thing… I often see people get excited about social media the same way they get excited about working out. They post every single day consistently for a few weeks and then… nothing! (Heck, I’ve been that person before!)

By this point, even if you have something important to share, your customers aren’t showing up because they don’t expect you…and the Facebook algorithm isn’t showing your posts to as many people because it doesn’t think you have anything to say. (Reminds me of getting ready for a surprise out of town guest! “Oh, wow, we weren’t expecting you!” I’ve never seen my house as organized and clean so quickly as when someone shows up unexpectedly!) 

Posting consistently and keeping that momentum is one of the best ways to strengthen your social media presence and keep your customers engaged!

Consistent Brand Images Over Stock

Lastly, make it a priority to give your audience high-quality content. Are you sharing the same image and text that every other beauty consultant is posting? I’m going to wager a bet and say that many of your customers know more than one person that sells the same products as you. When they see the same post from multiple people, it sends a clear message that you don’t have anything different to offer compared to the next person.

Think about your branding, think about the quality of your graphics, think about the quality of what you are actually saying. Is your post worth reading, or is it just something to scroll past in their Newsfeed?

Overall, people’s perception of your business is their reality. You have the power, however, to change that narrative! By sharing helpful content like tips and tricks, insights, or business milestones, you’ll engage your audience and create a true connection. 

By taking these ideas into consideration, you can begin by:

  • setting realistic goals,
  • creating a content calendar to keep you on-track and consistent, or 
  • even handing it over to the experts like us, so we can help you fast-track your results and make you look like the social media queen that you truly are!

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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Have a question? Did this post spark an idea? We want to hear all about it! Drop a comment below!

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