Build Your Team Faster: 3 Tips You Can Implement Today!

I remember back in high school, all I wanted to do was hang out with my friends. My mom, however, always had another idea. Sound familiar? 

I bet you were a lot like me. You knew exactly what she would say.

“Nope…You have homework to do…. You still have a list of chores to finish….Your room is a mess!”

Ugh! But just lets dream for a minute, shall we?…

Knowing that mom would undoubtedly lead with those objections, you’re one step ahead this time! If you really wanted to hang out with friends, you know you would have to give her no reason to say “no, not this time.” She would have no option but to say “Yes!”

So before even asking you clean your room, finish your choose, get that homework done, and like magic – she says yes and before you know it, you’re out the door and with your girlfriends. 

(every mom’s dream, right?)

Being prepared isn’t just about “tricking” our mothers into letting us hang with friends (or did mom trick me? I may never know!) It’s also about being prepared and one step ahead in our business too.

It’s about addressing our customers’ objections and needs, especially when it comes to sharing the opportunity, before they come up.

Here’s a scenario:

When you are hoping to recruit someone to your team, they often have questions. I would too! But sometimes lots of questions can lead to doubt… so to avoid that, it’s smart to address those questions ahead of time. And while we can’t read mind readers, these questions are usually pretty simple… and very common! 

So today, to help you grow your team more easily, boost the confidence of the women who join your team, and make overcoming objections easier here are 3 tips that you’re going to want to implement right away to grow your team faster than ever before!

Objection #1: She doesn’t believe in herself, lacks confidence, or feels like she is going to be in over her head.

Girl, been there! Whether it’s the first day of high school, a new job, or __fill in the blank__, it can be scary starting something new!

No matter the new experience, we, as humans, long for connection and community. We don’t want to feel like we’re alone. So it’s natural this this objection might come up! Your potential new team member just wants to know that she is going to be supported.

Although many wait until after they have already recruited their new team member, the recruiting process is actually a great time to let her know about all of the training opportunities available to her! Help her to feel assured that no matter what, there will always be someone there guiding her along the way. Align with her, and share that you were once in her shoes, too, once, and share with her some practical examples of how the trainings, leadership, and coaching helped you get to where you are today.

“The recruiting process is a great time to let her know about all of the training opportunities available to her!”

Objection #2: Feel like they won’t have what they need to start a business.

The idea of starting and owning a business can be intimidating – many people put business owners onto a pedestal that they don’t see themselves on. They feel they either lack the skills, the focus, or the tools to make it happen – but that’s where direct sales is so unique. It provides everything a business owner needs from training to tools to community! 

Assure her that it’s completely normal to feel that way! But don’t leave it at that.  Talk to her about the starter kit she receives as a new consultant and how it includes all of the products and introductory tools she needs to get started strong!

Objection #3: How do I make money? I’m not salesy nor do I want to be.

This is one of the most common objections and I love to turn it around and ask, “Do you feel like I was being pushy and salesy?” 

100% of the time, the answer is “No.”

It’s like a lightbulb goes off in her head: “Oh, yeah, she wasn’t salesy, but I did feel compelled to  buy. Okay, but how did she do that?” 

This is your opportunity to share all of the ways to make money in your company – all of the ways that DON’T include being pushy and salesy because that’ not in your company culture! It all comes down to sharing the products you love, and showing others how great they are, too how they could benefit from them too. Talk to her about how a genuine interest in helping others will go further than pushing for a sale any day.

Seems easy enough… but if your mom was anything like mine (or customer, in this case), it would oftentimes take more than just telling her you finished your homework, your chores, and cleaned your room. She needed to see it to believe it.

Sharing and Marketing the Opportunity for Success

Your customers will be coming at this from different learning styles, too. Some will hear it and believe it. Some, like mom, will need to see it to believe it. Others will need to actually do it to really understand.

It’s more than just about telling your customers why the opportunity is great. It’s about presenting it to them in a way that they will understand it best, and that’s where the AnchorCard Digital Business Card comes into play.

The AnchorCard includes an entire page dedicated to marketing the business opportunity. 

It starts with videos from top directors in the company. It’s like reading Amazon reviews for your company! Sometimes you just need to hear it from other people, too, to start picturing yourself doing it. By hearing how other people have gone from saying “yes” to the business opportunity all the way to accomplishing great things, it helps her to feel confident in starting. As the saying goes, “Wow! If she can do it, so can I!”

Filled with the possibilities, she can continue reading about the training opportunities available to support her as she grows. From unboxing the contents of the starter kit to learning about the additional benefits of becoming a consultant  joining your team, she can feel confident knowing she will have all of the support and tools necessary to start her business off strong!

“The purpose of the  your AnchorCard is to SELL the opportunity for you – even if your potential new team member is checking it out from home, it’s like you’re right there to overcome objections for her!

Whether your customer learns best by hearing, reading, or writing, she will be able to find all of the answers to her questions and then some!  

And if she does have further questions?…Your customer can even share her thoughts on the opportunity via a simple form, so you can book a team-building appointment with her later!

The AnchorCard is a powerful tool when it comes to growing your team – in fact, our client Sarah used her AnchorCard to start DIQ with 26 team members!  Here’s what Sarah told us about using her AnchorCard:

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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