How to Book Executive Gift Services for High Return on Investment

One thing is for sure: Decision-makers in a business are busy people with a full schedule.

Time is their hottest commodity and if they’re smart, they’re protecting it well (and likely charging for it!)

They’re also most likely delegating tasks that just don’t need them to personally be involved…. Manage their social media, run their payment, clean their store.

And, during the holidays, they likely buy gifts for their employees or clients in bulk because it kills two birds with one stone: they’re saving time AND money.

This makes executive gifting a valuable service to offer as a Direct Seller: You can make larger sales and they can benefit by delegating this task to you. But it can be a delicate balance – so here are my top 3, fool-proof tips to help you add Executive Gifting Services to your repertoire

Speak Their Language

Everyone wants a meeting with the decision maker, right? So when you pitch yourself, you need to show that you're genuinely invested in their business. Specifically, you need to stand out and catch their attention. This means that a generic, unmodified template is not going to work. 

When you send them a formal letter talking about your services, you have to speak their language. So you might start with this generic template for ideas, but when you open and close with statements that are very specific to their business they are more likely to keep reading rather than just toss your letter aside and move on to the next  one.

I get emails all the time from businesses asking to to write guest blog posts, or pitch me their services. The number one reason most of these email are deleted? It’s painfully obvious that the sender isn’t genuine. They are looking out for THEIR benefit, not mine – I’m just a pawn in their game. No thanks!

For this reason, when I designed out 2020 Executive Gifting Services Letter in our Holiday Digital Bundle I made it 100% editable in Canva. This allows you to completely customize it for your company and industry, as well as the person you are sending it to.

Click the image to get this 100% customizable executive gift letter template!

They’re not looking for the cheapest option. They’re looking for the best option.

When writing your letter, make the decision to work with you so easy that they'd be foolish not to use your services. For many successful business owners, they are not looking for the cheapest option. 

So if they're not searching for a way to find the cheapest gift possible, what are they looking for? They're looking for value. And the one thing of value that you can offer that they can’t find anywhere else? The ability to save time.

Right in your initial contact letter, give them some examples of well thought out gift options that make sense for their business. Not prices, just the gift ideas themselves. This is all pre-written and ready for you to edit in our template that you’ll find in our Holiday Digital Bundle!

Be Specific

Open-ended avoid statements like “We have glamour and skincare and spa available for you to choose from” or “We sell essential oils.” Instead try saying, “I saw on your Facebook page that your team works in an office where everyone is close knit. So I put together a few gift ideas that I think your team would really love” and then share a few specific, personalized ideas.

By doing this, you immediately save this person time. They don’t need to go back and forth with you to decide on gifts and they don’t need to take trips to the store to DIY it., time thinking about it and more. Even more importantly, they start imagining themselves giving those gifts and how their team or clients will react. This brings an emotional response, which is important.

 For example, you might give that statement and then share your one of your ideas and say:

“My best selling product during the holidays for offices, just like yours, our winter survival kits, they bring an element of fun into the office and they include everything you need to survive. These cold winter months,  hand cream  hand, sanitizer tissues, and a $5 Starbucks gift card.”

You want to really paint the picture for them, make it easy for them to say yes in their head before you ever ask for the sale.

Even before you ask for the sale, you're also going to give a clear and obvious next step.You’re going to book a meeting, preferably in person one-on-one. Of course, given the current circumstances of the world you could opt to do this via Zoom, but there is power in being in person.

Either way, if your prospect gets to the end of your letter, and doesn't have a clear and easy next step then that’s the end of the conversation. Remember decision-makers are busy people. They don't have time to hunt you down or guess what you want. Don’t play hard to get. Instead, give them a clear and obvious next step, such as “Here’s my personal cell phone number. Let me know if you’d rather I stop by on Tuesday or Thursday and let me know how you take your coffee. This one's on me!” The goal here is to keep it concise without being salest. Make it all about how you can SERVE them – it’s kind of like you’re trying to get that cutie you’d been eyeing to say yes to the date. You need to build trust and rapport. You need to woo them first.

Click the image to get this 100% customizable executive gift letter template!

Ready to get started booking holiday gift service packages in your local community? Grab our executive gift services letter in our Holiday Digital Bundle! It’s 100% editable in Canva and includes a pre-written letter that uses all of the strategies I outlined here today – all you have to do is edit, print, and share!

Inside the Holiday Digital Bundle, you'll also find templates for:

  • A gift tower sales sheet
  • Party Invitations
  • 12 Days of gifts social media posts
  • Holiday Party Booking sheet
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  • Thank you cards
  • Closing sheet
  • Lead generating door hanger

All 100% customizable using the free version of Canva! 

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