3 Hacks to Get Leads, Boost Sales, and Grow Your Team You Can’t Afford To Miss

It’s been a looong couple of months full of twists and turns and a whole new type of every-day-life.  Real talk: at times, I felt totally in over my head. Did you ever feel that way too?

As we get back into our daily routines, I want to encourage you: don’t go back to the same-old-same-old.  I truly believe that this is an opportunity to try something new, test out a different approach, think outside the box.

The world is upside down and my business doesn’t look at all like it did 4 months ago. How about yours?

That’s why today I’ve gathered up my top 3 business hacks that you can start using in your direct sales business today. There’s isn’t an easier time to pivot, adjust, and take a new route then when the fork in the road is already right in front of you.

So today I’m spilling my most 3 best business hacks that you can start using IMMEDIATELY to help you:

  • Grow your warm audience so that you always have HOT leads that are ready to book parties and buy your products
  • Share the business opportunity so that you can not only achieve your goals but change the lives of others as well
  • Increase party sales without any extra effort so that you can work smarter, not harder

Ready to grow your team, leads, and sales?

Let’s dig in!

Hack #1: Grow your team and share the business opportunity

Your AnchorCard includes a gorgeous opportunity marketing page designed to share all of the most compelling and exciting parts of your company’s business opportunity. Customize it with your favorite top Director’s I-Story videos, share why women choose your company over any other, and even collect leads by having viewers complete a survey!

Text this to your party guests a day or two after parties (in person or online!):

“It was so much fun meeting you at Jenna’s party on Sunday! I really loved getting to know you and was wondering if you would be willing to fill out a survey for me about my business – all you have to do is watch a video, read a little info, and then share you opinion. Can I send you the link?”

Then text your AnchorCard link!

Now, without even being in person with your lead, she can learn all about the business opportunity in a non-pushy, comfortable environment. She’ll even be prompted to complete a survey at the end so that you can book a team building appointment with her if she is a HOT lead!

Hack #2: Increase sales at your next online or in person party

Have you ever heard of this thing called pre-profiling? Some companies use it, but for others it’s new, so let me explain really quick:

Basically, Pre-Profiling is the practice of finding out your customers needs before you serve them at a party.

The reason Pre-Profiling is so important is because when you know your customs specific needs before arriving at their party you can plan to show them only products that solve problems they actually have. And if you’re only showing products they actually NEED they’re more likely to make a purchase. Here’s an example:

Say you’re a skincare company. You wouldn’t want to show a 22 year old woman with oily skin your most powerful anti-aging skincare line designed for deep set wrinkles and dry skin. Or, say you’re a company that sells kitchen tools. You wouldn’t want to show someone who folllows a vegan diet a chicken roaster, right?

So you’ve got to find out ahead of time what her needs are – then you can show her the products she’s actually going to buy – thus, increasing your sales! 

Traditionally, Pre-Profiling is done by calling your party hostess and asking her to make a guest list by sending you the names and phone numbers of everyone she invited. But how often does this actually happen? Basically never. Why?

Because it feels too personal. People don’t want to hand over their friends names and phone numbers – it feels like they’re giving away private info that isn’t theirs to give. So they never send you their list, and you never pre-profile, and as a result your sales are lower… even if you don’t realize it. You might not have BAD sales. But they’re definitely not as high as they could be – money is left on the table.

But you can actually use your AnchorCard to completely flip the script.

Have your hostess text your AnchorCard link to her guests, and they can Pre-Profile THEMSELVES right through the RSVP form!

The RSVP form on your AnchorCard asks all of the most important questions to help you understand your customer and her needs. It also get HER excited about spending time with you – it shows her that you genuinly care about her as an individual, building that know-like-trust factor that ultimately leads to a sale.

And truthfully, your hostess is the bridge between you–the stranger–and her guests. By having your hostess do the inviting, she’s transferring that trust to you by default.

Here is a script that you can give your hostess… which includes a script for HER to send as her party invitation! #ThatWasEasy

Hey (hostess name), (your name) here! (Hostess name)’s Consultant! I’m so excited for your party–it’s going to be awesome! I’ve created an exclusive pop-up Facebook group just for your party. All you need to do is text me a list of 20 to 30 ladies on your friends list that you’d like to invite to the event. Then, shoot them each a private message inviting them to join us! I even created a super simple copy and paste invitation that you can use to private message them. Just be sure to do this individually, not as a group text–group texts look a little spammy, and a lot of people get annoyed by them, and I’d hate for that to happen. Okay, ready? Here’s your copy-and-paste invitation:

Hey, (friend’s first name)!! I’m hosting a Virtual Beauty EXPERIENCE with (consultant’s name) on (date) at (time)! I would love it if you could join us! Here’s the link if you’re interested! (consultant’s name) is even giving all guests who RSVP a free swag bag of samples and products. To claim your free gift, all you need to do is:

>> Join this Facebook Group (Pop Up Facebook Group Link) and,

>> Fill out the Virtual Beauty Experience RSVP form here: (AnchorCard Link)

Will I see you there? =)

Once her guests RSVP, you’ll be able to see all of their information when you login to your AnchorCard dashboard and you’ll also receive a notification via email, which makes it super easy to prepare for her party! You’ll even have their contact information, so you can send thank-you cards or book a career chat AFTER the party!

Hack #3: Get more hot leads in your Facebook group

Outside of warm chatting and facial boxes the people in your customer Facebook group are your HOTTEST leads. Why?

Because the people in your group are CHOOSING to be there! They are self identifying as interested in your business.

They’ve already said YES to what you have to offer – your next step is to nurture the relationship and convert their yes into a sale. This makes the people in your Facebook group the EASIEST people to book and sell to – especially when it comes to reorders.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you meet Sally at a party and she buys a skincare set from you. After about 3 months, you call her and say “Hey Sally, I know our skincare set usually runs out in about 3 months. Can I send you a new set?” One of two things is going to happen: she’s going to buy the set, or not buy it.

If you haven’t talked to or interacted with her in 3 months then any trust that was built up at the party when she initially bought the product has diminished. She doesn’t feel any emotional connection to you…. and so her response is more likely to be “no” than “yes.”

But on the flip side – if Sally joined your Facebook group at your party and over that 3 month period she regularly interacted with your posts on Facebook, saw tips from you that helped her feel more confident in her own skin, and learned about new beauty products on a regular basis from you then you’ve sustained the trust that you build at the party. Because she still feels that strong emotional connection with you, she’s more likely to say yes… and maybe even add an extra product or two to her order!

So the answer is clear: If you want your customer to say YES when you ask for a reorder or ask them to book, they NEED to be in your customer Facebook group.

Here’s how to get people to join your Facebook group right at your party!

(I’m going to use skincare/makeup products as an example but know that this can be personalized for any product!)

Start by saying:

  • Ok, friends, can I get a show of hands for anyone who wears mascara? (or another obvious YES product)

Pretty much everyone raises their hands of course! Then say:

  • Alright, well since everyone here loves mascara I’d like. to give one to you for free at the end of this party – want to hear how you can get a free mascara?

Again, everyone is likely going to say yes! 

So here is what you’re going to have them do next. But remember: your audience with match your enthusiasm. So this is a GOOD time to be just a little bit extra. Ready?

Here’s what you’re going to say:

Ok, let me show you how to win! Everyone take out your phones (pause and let them take out their phones, don’t move on until they do)

Ok, now go to the internet and visit “MyAnchorCard.com/keleigh” (Obviously, you’d insert YOUR AnchorCard link here instead of mine!)

Ok, guys, now what you’re looking at is my Digital Business Card – cute, right? If you scroll down a little bit you’re going to see an invitation to join my VIP group. Inside my VIP group, I share exclusive discounts that only group members can see and share pro-tips about skincare and makeup.

Now today, I’m giving a free deluxe mini mascara, the perfect size for your purse or car, away to someone who joins my group – I have my phone right here and I’ll get a notification when you request to join! That notification is your entry to win!

At this point, nearly everyone at the party will request to join your group! I like to have my phone out and as people request to join I say it out loud, accepting them on the spot:

Yay! Jenna, welcome to the group, you’re a VIP!

Maggie, hey girl! So happy you’re a VIP…

Sarah, I just approved your request! Welcome to the VIP club!”

By saying everyone’s name out loud you harness the power of FOMO (fear of missing out) and this encouraged others who didn’t right away to join because they want to be a part of the fun.

Throughout the party, I might give them other ways to earn entries to win, such as when they give me 10 referrals, every time they ask a question about products for the opportunity, or for every $25 they order. 

(I use this $11 roll of tickets from Amazon to keep track of entries, but you can also just write their name on a scrap of paper and toss it into a box as a DIY ticket!)

Then, at the end of the party I circle back, saying:

Ok, guys, it’s time! I’m ready to draw my winner – are you ready?

And when I pick a winner I not only hand them their deluxe mini mascara, but I also talk about the specific benefits of that mascara and show a full-size one as well, so people can start picturing themselves using it.

At the close, I also ask if each person would like to buy that mascara! (BONUS! Who doesn’t want am extra $18 added to every order?!)

Now you may have noticed I didn’t ask the party guests to go directly to Facebook – I tell them to go to my Digital Business Card first. Let’s talk about that for a second, ok?

Next time they open the web browser on their phone, my Digital Business Card will now be open – and most likely they’ll be curious and start scrolling through. When they do, they’ll find tips, an opportunity marketing page, surveys, and more!

I don’t want them getting distracted on Facebook!

Facebook is a can of worms! Have you ever opened the app to check just one notification and then all of a sudden an hour goes by? We want to avoid that level of distraction and keep your customers focused on the task at hand: joining your Facebook group and ultimately buying from you.

By having them click the button in my AnchorCard, I totally by-pass the timeline, eliminating any chance of distraction.

I also don’t want to waste any time helping them find my group if they type it wrong in the search bar or don’t know how to search for groups Facebook. The more seamless this process is, the better it works!

Ok, sister! Now you have three easy, actionable life hacks that you can use to build your team, increase sales, and grow your warm audience of customers ready to buy!

Now you might have noticed that the main tool used in all 3 of these hacks is an AnchorCard Digital Business Card. And that’s a good example of WHY the AnchorCard is so important: it’s a tool that can multi task.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Directors and consultants, all the way from brand new to DIQ to Inner Circle, who have felt overwhelmed by all of the tools and systems available.

They often found themselves trying 5, 10, or more tools at a time that each solved a different problem.

The result was that they ended up with hundreds of dollars of monthly fees and a confusing amount of software to learn.

I created the AnchorCard Digital Business Card to give them a simple tool that could multi-task with a low monthly cost. No more trying to mix and match individual tools and systems that just don’t really work together and end up costing you more than they make you.

The AnchorCard Digital Business Card is your one-stop solution to make it easier to work all areas of your business:

• Booking more parties and team building appointments

• Selling more products and getting more reorders

• Growing your team and building leaders

• Pre-Profiling so that you can boost party sales

• Generating Leads so you always have someone you can sell to

If you’re ready to simplify your tools by eliminating clutter and using just on simple tool that does it all, then I’d love to gift you a free trial of the AnchorCard Digital Business Card.

We NEVER do free trials – so grab this while you can!

Now you can test out the AnchorCard for an entire week without paying a single penny.

Use coupon code: lifehack

And while I TRULY believe that you’ll love the results you get from this all-in-one tool… I’ve even made it so that you can cancel before your trial is over if you need to.

So this is a truly risk free opportunity to test out these 3 life hacks and see how this powerful tool can change your business. Are you ready to level up, sister?

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Here’s how we can help!


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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

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Believing in you, Keleigh

Believing in you, Keleigh

Thanks for reading, friend! We love bringing you on trend marketing tips and tools to help you run a profitable business. We believe in looking past what is popular, and instead finding what is sustainable so that you can design a business that fits into your life, rather than having to find time to fit your life into your business.

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