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A plug-and-play mini-website to streamline your Network Marketing business so you can build a credible, trustworthy personal brand without the hassle or price tag of a custom website.

One link, endless opportunities.

All right from your phone.

"Can I just brag on the AnchorCard for a second? I've had 6 new team members in the past 2 days from the opportunity page on my Anchorcard!"
Sarah Thomas

"My AnchorCard has seriously been the best investment. It's a super classy way for guests to RSVP for my parties and join my Facebook Group. It is worth every penny!"
Rachel Dart

"AnchorCard has really helped me build my business up after being in a funk and letting it dwindle. It's given me the "umph" to jump back in and get the ball rolling!"
Hilary DiStefano

Strategic Features To Sell more, get hot leads, level up your personal brand

Beautifully branded, conveniently contactless, completely customizable

Move over Campsite and Linktree, bye-bye Squarespace and WordPress… say hello to a simple, streamlined mini website where you can manage your entire biz in one place.

Use your AnchorCard link as your Instagram link in bio, your website on Facebook, a destination for your Pins on Pinterest, and include it in  your social media posts to connect your followers to all of the most important parts of your biz with one click.

Grow Your Email List and Get Hot New Leads

Offer a special freebie to people to get them to join your email list. Your AnchorCard completely automates the process by instantly delivering your freebie to your new leads inbox.

Now you can promote your products, book a party, invite them to join your team and more from your own custom dashboard!

Let party guests RSVP so you have their contact info to follow up

Customize your RSVP form to gather important information from your party guests like their contact info, issues they are experiencing that you can help with, and what type of products they like best.
Then, use that info to show them relevant products at your party, recruit them to your team, or have them book their own party.

Integrate with your email software for seamless marketing across platforms

AnchorCard integrates seamlessly with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and Mailerlite to make following up with your customers and leads easier than ever!

When someone submit a form on your AnchorCard a tag is automatically added to the contact in your preferred email software. You can use this tag to trigger automated email series and more!

Grow a strong, motivated team with a dedicated sales page for team building

Share the benefits of your company, training available, what comes in your starter kit, and more on a customizable sales page dedicated to growing your team.

Then, have your potential team member can complete an interest form at the end, so you can book a team-building appointment with her later and recruit her to your team!

Manage your incoming leads + party RSVPs all in one place

Log in to your AnchorCard Dashboard from any device to view your leads and access their information! Whether you are on the go using your phone or you are in the office on your computer, you can always access your Dashboard.

Use their contact information to share the business opportunity, follow-up on product orders, and help them book their own party!

Grow your customer Facebook Group for easy online marketing

Your facebook group is an incredibly powerful marketing tool because it is truly targeted marketing.

When you post on your Facebook Page, there's no telling who will see it. But when you market inside your Facebook Group you are guaranteeing that your post lands in front of someone who is interested in your business!

With a custom call-to-action that encourages viewers to join your private customer Facebook group, your AnchorCard is your best lead-generating machine.

Make it easy for your customers to connect with you

The easier it is for your customer to connect with you, the easier it is for her to make a purchase or join your team.

Share your most important links where customers can shop online, book an appointment, follow you on social media, and more.

AnchorCard goes where you go because it's 100% mobile, desktop, and tablet friendly

Your AnchorCard works wherever you do. Log in to your dashboard on any computer, phone, or tablet to manage your leads and update your settings on the go.

Your customers can view it on any device, too, making it totally flexible no matter where life takes you!

Show off feature products, tips, or updates with a slideshow

A slideshow is a gorgeous way to connect with your customers and it can be completely customized to your business.

Show off special product bundles and sales during holidays, share your top 5 tips of the month, showcase customer testimonials, and everything in between!

Build trust, recognition, and loyalty with your customers

Pictures are powerful and professional branding goes a long way. When your audience sees your smiling face, they feel like they know you, they start to like you, and they trust you.

As they interact with your gorgeously branded AnchorCard you start building credibility as a professional. Your lead knows that they can trust you.

This know-like-trust factor is key to starting a relationship that leads to a sale.

Ready to see where the magic happens?

Watch the video below for a personal tour of AnchorCard!

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Here's the thing: You already know that consistency is the key to making money in your direct sales business.​

If you want to book more parties, you need to consistently meet new people and get new leads

If you want to have a motivated hostess, you need to consistently coach her before your party

If you want guests to buy from you, you need to consistently know their needs even before the party starts

If you want to grow your team, you need to consistently share the opportunity in a way that gets people excited to join you

If you want your team to move into leadership, you need to consistently demonstrate success as a leader

But it's hard to stay consistent when you have a different system for every part of your business... or worse, you don't have any system at all so you're constantly reinventing the wheel.

At the end of the day, it leaves you stretched thin, exhausted, and all-too-often, you find yourself wondering: Is this really worth the struggle?

The truth is, running your business doesn’t need to be a struggle.

It's time to break through the clutter. Instead of piling on system after system, you just need one simple tool that does it all.

No more feeling bogged down by having clashing systems for every part of your business.

No more constantly reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch.

No more feeling disorganized and confused by all the tools in your business.

"AnchorCard offers a way for me to interact with my clients that sets me apart - because it is interactive, it doesn't get tossed or forgotten about like a paper business card."
Veronica Maliden

If you're here, then most likely you're a network marketer or direct seller who:

  Is exhausted trying to keep up with all of the half-implemented systems in your business.

  Finds yourself forgetting to follow through and your income is suffering from it.

  Knows that consistency will make all the difference but just don't know where to start.

  Is tired of feeling disorganized and busy all the time and just need help to break the cycle.

  Has a system in place but it's outdated. Your business is stuck in 1992, and it's holding you back.

You're tired of hustling every day.

You're ready for something fresh and simple that checks off your to-do list instead of adding to it.

Can you imagine?

What would your life be like one year from now if you started getting new leads, making more money, and growing your team today?

What results would you see?

New Team Members, Warm Leads, Profitable Parties, Reorders, Residual Income, Confidence

"Can I just brag on the AnchorCard for a second? I've had 6 new team members in the past 2 days from the opportunity page on my Anchorcard!"
Sarah Thomas

A plug-and-play mini-website to streamline your Network Marketing business so you can build a credible, trustworthy personal brand without the hassle or price tag of a custom website.

One link, endless opportunities.

All right from your phone.

Easily edit your AnchorCard from your phone, tablet, or computer any time.

Share your AnchorCard with one simple link on social media, texts, emails, and more.

Manage your contacts with the click of a button from any device.

Streamline and simplify your systems with one simple tool that does it all.

Ditch the DIY hobby image and level up your personal brand.

Represent multiple companies? No problem! Manage them all in one place.

Endless possibilities with simplified pricing.

Our pricing is simple and all-inclusive so you can focus on your business, not your budget.

Annual Subscription

Save over $50 (that's like 2 months free!)
$ 247 Per Year
  • Unlimited Access to All Features
  • Unlimited form entires + contacts
  • Priority Customer Support

Monthly Subscription

$ 25 Per Month
  • LOCK IN 60% OFF NOW!
  • Unlimited Access to All Features
  • Unlimited form entires + contacts
  • Priority Customer Support

Get VIP treatment!

FREE 1:1 Set Up Services

AnchorCard is designed to be simple to set up. But if you would prefer a little extra support you can get it with:

Free Form Migration

Have forms you need moved to your AnchorCard from Google Forms, Typeform, or another form builder? Send them to us and we'll set them up for you!

Free VIP Migration

Currently using another Digital Business Card, Link in Bio, or Mini Website service? We'll migrate your info to AnchorCard FREE!

Free 1:1 Personal Set Up

Prefer to set your AnchorCard up with a little help? Book a FREE 30 minute video session with us and we'll hold your hand the entire time!


You're in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Over 2,000 Direct Sellers and counting

Network marketers and direct sellers all over the world trust us to help make their dreams a reality.

You deserve results like this, too.

You just need the tools to make it happen.

"My AnchorCard is cute, professional, and tells a larger story about me and my business that I can't give on a paper business card."
Laurie Gaulke

"My AnchorCard is cute, professional, and tells a larger story about me and my business that I can't give on a paper business card."
Mailene Labrador Nieves

"The AnchorCard is perfect for warm chatting, sending new leads, and getting party RSVPs! It gets results for me that a physical business card never has."
Becca Fretz

Show off your personality & look professionally branded.

More than just a pretty design, your AnchorCard is built with strategy and sales in mind.  Choose the theme that best fits your brand and personality, then customize from there! You can change your design any time, right from your dashboard.

Click any design to view a live AnchorCard!

The Gabby Theme

Gabby is confident and classy, featuring coastal blues and natural wood-tones.

The Audrey Theme

Audrey loves to keep it classic with delicate gold, blush, and hints of Tiffany Blue.

The Julie Theme

Julie is bold and fun and loves a good statement earring with a pop of hot pink.

The Amanda Theme

Amanda is sweet and loves her country chic decors with hints of pink and blue.

The Cassie Theme

The Cassie theme is adventurous and bright and loves a pop of floral and lush green.

The Maghon Theme

Maghon is bold and bright, and she always turns her mistakes into confetti.

The Julie Theme

Julie is bold and fun and loves a good statement earring with a pop of hot pink.

The Hannah Theme

Hannah is bold and fun. She brings joy wherever she goes and never apologizes for an extra splash of color.

"I used to get a lot of $0 parties... I haven't had a single $0 party since I started using my AnchorCard!"
Jill Rollefstad

You might be wondering...

Your questions, answered.

Yes, we're with you every step of the way!

There are three ways we can support you as you get to know your Over the 7 days following your purchase you'll automatically be enrolled in AnchorCard Bootcamp – a 7 day mini challenge to help you get started using your AnchorCard. Every day you'll get one simple, manageable tip and action item. Slow and steady, you've got this girl!

Need ongoing support? Join our Facebook group where we share tips, answer questions, and record by-request tutorials! You might be in business for yourself, but you don't need to be by yourself. Lean on us, we want to help!

Nope, this isn’t an app! It’s a website.

That means that you don’t need to download any fancy software, and it can work on any phone, computer, tablet, or… well, anything that can access the internet.

Then you'd be totally normal! AnchorCard is jam packed with tons of features and value to support you now and as your business grows. This means there's always going to be SOMETHING you don't need or use – but that's far from a bad thing. It means that this is sustainable. Your AnchorCard will grow with you and will never hold you back. That's the beauty of it! Use what you need and learn more as you evolve. Either way, we have one low monthly cost and there are no upcharges to get extra features.

AnchorCard is perfect for any consultant in any direct sales company. It’s completely customizable so that you can have a beautiful, professional online presence without having to completely start from scratch or DIY it. Party plans, online only, and everything in between – AnchorCard is flexible enough to work for your unique business. Here are a few of the companies that our current clients represent:

Chalk Couture
Damsel in Defense
HB Naturals
Herbal & Herbs
Mary Kay
Matilda Jane Clothing
Noonday Collection
Nu Skin
Pampered Chef
Paparazzi Accessories
Perfectly Posh
Simply Fun
Steeped Tea
Tate + Zoey
The Body Shop
Thirty-One Gifts
Tori Belle
Total Life Changes
Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski
TruVision Health Products
Usborne Books & More
WineShop at Home
Young Living
Zyia Active

We believe that strong relationships matter more than anything else and you'll always be able to communicate with us directly by sending us a message at No hoops to jump through here!

We also have some fantastic resource ready to serve you the second you set up your AnchorCard:

  • An entire library of super-simple video tutorials to teach you how to use every feature. It's like having us right there with you!
  • A Facebook group with over 2,000 AnchorCard users to help answer questions, brainstorm, and cheer you on
  • AnchorCard Bootcamp, a free course for AnchorCard users that walks you through setting up your entire AnchorCard step-by-step so you don't have to do anything alone
  • Blog posts with creative ideas for how to work your AnchorCard into your business

AnchorCards are ready within 5 minutes of purchase! Upon checking out you'll get access to my all-inclusive walkthrough video where I'll show you around to help you get started.

By the time you're done, your AnchorCard will be ready to start customizing!

We’ve been there. You’re at a stage of growth where you know you need help in order to get to the next level, but since you’re not at the next level, you’re still building up to that dream budget.

When we reached this point, we floundered on the decision to make an investment for months…and when we finally did invest in ourselves, we started hitting our goals almost immediately. The return on our investment has been multiplying since.

With our own experience in mind, I encourage you to make an investment in your future–don’t miss out on opportunities like we did!

Whiel we would love to continue supporting you, you can absoluely cancel any time! There are two ways to cancel your AnchorCard subscription:

  1. Log in to your account and click the “cancel” button next to your subscription. This ends your subscription instantly.
  2. Send an email requesting to cancel your subscription to at least 3 days befor your next billing date if you'd rather we cancel your subscription for you manually from our end.

When you cancel your subscription your AnchorCard will remain active until the last day in your current billing period. After that, your AnchorCard will go offline and after 30 days we may delete your data.

Do you feel a little bit like no one is interested in buying from you? Like all you hear is “no”?

The truth is, you will meet MORE people who never become your customers than people who DO. And that is both normal and okay!

This only starts to feel heavy if you aren’t continuously meeting more customers.

With AnchorCard, you have a tool at your fingertips that makes it easy to share your business. You can warm chat without having to put pressure on someone who just isn’t a great fit.

This is a tool to help you build sustainable, efficient practices within your business.

Taking the steps now to make that happen, while your business is still growing, is the best way to build a strong foundation so that when you begin to grow, you have the confidence, clarity, and habits you need to be successful.

It is much easier to affect change when you are small or just starting out, so it is smart to get a new tool going now as you begin to grow.

Long story short? The perks! We recognize that a yearly subscription is a commitment and we want to celebrate our yearly members forthat kind of dedication to their business.

Here are all of the special additional perks that our yearly members get:

  • A $50 discount (two months for free!)
  • A personal gift in the mail from our founder, Keleigh
  • Exclusive first access to new and beta features

We'd love to answer your questions for you! Please send us an email any time at

Now is your time to feel organized, stress-free, and in control of your business.​

You just need to simplify and streamline your business to get there.

"My AnchorCard is so easy to use- I love that I feel organized and stress-free! If you hate ordering business cards that just end up in a corner forgotten about, this is for you!"
Kyra Jerry

"I feel so much more organized with my AnchorCard. I always have the tools I need to be more effective in my business. No more scrounging around trying to find a pen and paper!"
Maria Chamorro

A plug-and-play mini-website to streamline your Network Marketing business so you can build a credible, trustworthy personal brand without the hassle or price tag of a custom website.

One link, endless opportunities.

All right from your phone.