Sell more, get hot leads, and build a thriving team with the AnchorCard Digital Business Card.

All right from your phone.

One tool, endless opportunities.

Here’s the thing: You already know that consistency is key if you want to make money in your direct sales business.

If you want to book more parties, you need to consistently meet new people and get new leads

If you want to have a motivated hostess, you need to consistently coach her before your party

If you want guests to buy from you, you need to consistently know their needs even before the party starts

If you want to grow your team, you need to consistently share the opportunity in a way that gets people excited to join you

If you want your team to move into leadership, you need to consistently demonstrate success as a leader

But it’s hard to stay consistent when you have a different system for every part of your business… or worse, you don’t have any system at all so you’re constantly reinventing the wheel.

At the end of the day, it leaves you stretched thin, exhausted, and all-too-often, you find yourself wondering: Is this really worth the struggle?

The truth is, running your business doesn’t need to be a struggle.

"I used to get a lot of $0 parties... I haven't had a single zero since I started using my AnchorCard!"
Jill Rollefstad
Sales Director

It’s time to break through the clutter. Instead of piling on system after system, you just need one simple tool that does it all.

No more feeling bogged down by having clashing systems for every part of your business.

No more constantly reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch.

No more feeling disorganized and confused by all the tools in your business.

"AnchorCard offers a way for me to interact with my clients that sets me apart - because it is interactive, it doesn't get tossed or forgotten about like a paper business card."
Veronica Maliden

If you’re here, then most likely you:

  Are exhausted trying to keep up with all of the half-implemented systems in your business.

  Find yourself forgetting to follow through and your income is suffering from it.

  Know that consistency will make all the difference but just don’t know where to start.

  Are tired of feeling disorganized and busy all the time and just need help to break the cycle.

  Have a system in place but it’s outdated. Your business is stuck in 1992, and it’s holding you back.

You’re tired of hustling every day and ready for something fresh and simple that helps you check off your to-do list, not add to it.

Can you imagine?

What would your life be like if it were easier to get new leads, make more money, and grow your team?

What results would you see?

New Team Members, Warm Leads, Profitable Parties, Reorders, Residual Income, Confidence

"Can I just brag on the AnchorCard for a second? I've had 6 new team members in the past 2 days from the opportunity page on my Anchorcard!"
Sarah Thomas

Introducing the

Sell more, get hot leads, and build a thriving team with the AnchorCard Digital Business Card.

All right from your phone.

One tool, endless opportunities.

Your AnchorCard is a mini-website with features that help you manage 5 key areas of your business:

Generate new leads through lead magnets, surveys, warm chatting, and organic traffic.

Set yourself up to increase sales with easy party RSVPs and hostess coaching.

Grow a thriving team with a gorgeous, customizable opportunity marketing page.

Build up your customer Facebook Group with a strategic, customizable call to action.

Manage leads in your dashboard any time for easy booking and follow up.

Strategic features to help your business

Get New Leads Using the Lead Magnet Form

Lead magnets are one of the best ways to get new leads and your AnchorCard makes it easier than ever before. 

What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for a person’s contact information so you can market to them! Here’s how it works:

 Your lead submits their name and email on your AnchorCard

 Your AnchorCard instantly emails them your freebie

You can now login to your AnchorCard and access your leads contact information so you can book her for a party, market to her, and more!

Pre-profile party guests, so you can sell more at your parties

Pre-profiling guests is the practice of finding out your guests preferences before trying to sell them something.

Basically, you find out what they like or need so you can show them products that they are more likely to buy!

Traditionally this is done by calling your lead, but it isn’t always easy getting a stranger to commit to a phone call.

Now you can have guests RSVP using your AnchorCard and submit all of their preferences to you online in seconds so you can show them the products they’re most likely to buy!

Grow your team with a dedicated opportunity landing page

Your AnchorCard includes an entire page dedicated to marketing the business opportunity. 

 Customize this page with videos from leaders in your company and share the most important parts of joining your team like:

Training opportunities available to Beauty Consultants

Business tools and products included in the starter kit

Career cars and Consultant incentives

Your customer can complete an interest form at the end, so you can book a team-building appointment with her later and recruit her to your team!

Manage your incoming leads + party RSVPs all in one place

Login to your AnchorCard Dashboard from any device to view your leads and access their information! Whether you are on the go using your phone or you are in the office on your computer, you can always access your Dashboard.

Use their contact information to share the business opportunity, follow-up on product orders, and help them book their own party!

Make it easy for your customers to connect with you

The easier it is for your customer to connect with you, the easier it is for her to make a purchase or join your team.

Share your most important links where customers can shop online, book an appointment, follow you on social media, and more.

Grow your customer Facebook Group for easy online marketing

Your facebook group is an incredibly powerful marketing tool because it is truly targeted marketing.

When you post on your Facebook Page, there’s no telling who will see it. But when you market inside your Facebook Group you are guaranteeing that your post lands in front of someone who is interested in your business!

With a custom call-to-action that encourages viewers to join your private customer Facebook group, your AnchorCard is your best lead-generating machine.

Build trust, recognition, and loyalty with your customers.

Pictures are powerful and professional branding goes a long way. When your audience sees your smiling face, they feel like they know you, they start to like you, and they trust you.

As they interact with your gorgeously branded AnchorCard you start building credibility as a professional. Your lead knows that they can trust you.

This know-like-trust factor is key to starting a relationship that leads to a sale.

"My AnchorCard has seriously been the best investment. It's a super classy way for guests to RSVP for my parties and join my Facebook Group. It is worth every penny!"
Rachel Dart

My name is Keleigh, and I’m a marketing strategist and systems expert.

I’ve worked with hundreds of Directors, all the way from brand new to million-dollar business owners who have felt overwhelmed by all of the tools and systems available.

They often found themselves trying 5, 10, or more tools at a time that each solved a different problem.

The result was that they ended up with hundreds of dollars of monthly fees and a confusing amount of software to learn.

I created the AnchorCard Digital Business Card to give them a simple tool that could multi-task with a low monthly cost.

The AnchorCard Digital Business Card is your one-stop solution to make it easier to work all areas of your business:

• Booking parties 
• Closing sales 
• Team Building  
• Generating Leads, and more.

Plus, take our FREE challenge for 7 days after you sign up!

AnchorCard Bootcamp

AnchorCard bootcamp is a 7-day series where we teach you exactly how to use your AnchorCard to book, sell, and team build so that you can start getting results immediately.

During the 7 day challenge you will:  Receive clear, manageable action steps delivered right to your email inbox  Share your progress with the AnchorCard community  Take bite-sized baby steps to practice using your AnchorCard every day  Get easy to use copy-and-paste scripts to help you get started

And at the end you will walk away with:  A road map for how your AnchorCard works and what each feature can do for you  The accountability you need to fully follow through on implementing this tool in your business  A sustainable habit of using your AnchorCard so that you never have to feel lost, overwhelmed, or stuck again  The confidence to get creative with how you use this tool and a community of women to back you up

AnchorCard has really helped me build my business up after being in a funk and letting it dwindle. It’s given me the “umph” to jump back in and get the ball rolling!”

Hilary DiStefano, Beauty Consultant

Yes! It is possible to simplify your systems and feel confident in your business again!


Chasing shiny objects just because someone else is also chasing them

Tools that address one problem but create another at the same time

Feeling overwhelmed by starting but never actually finishing

Allowing inconsistency to hold us back from achieving our goals

and saying hello to confidence, clarity, and sustainable tools.

But y’all know I can’t resists a good party favor…

So today I’m also going to throw in these free bonuses!

FREE BONUS: Get the VIP Treatment

As an AnchorCard subscriber, you get exclusive access to a members-only Facebook community.
Here you’ll find accountability, ideas, and tips, not only from your Anchor Design Co. family, but your sister consultants and Directors, too! 

FREE BONUS: Grow Your Business Expertise

As an AnchorCard subscriber, you receive free access to Keleigh’s exclusive interviews with experts in marketing, social media, systems, and more to help your business growPerfect for the car, while you work, or on-the-go, these recordings are great for the busy #girlboss who doesn’t have a second to lose!

Meet the powerful women on our team of industry experts:

Amber Housley, Marketing Strategist

Amber Housley

Marketing Strategy

Nicole Boucher

Business Management

Shannon Parker

Direct Sales

Nicole Yang

Graphic Design

Liza Hippler

Photo + Instagram Strategy

Juli Kalbaugh

Mindset & Direct Sales

Courtney Love Gavin

Communication & Publicity

If you were to book an hour with each of these ladies, it would add up to over $2,900, but they’ve spilled their best tips exclusively for AnchorCard subscribers as a special free bonus!

“My AnchorCard is cute, professional, and tells a larger story about me and my business that I can’t give on a paper business card.”

Laurie Gaulke, Sales Director

Could you be successful if you had just one tool that gave you…

• An easy, authentic way to grow your warm audience on Facebook?

• A simple, effective way to market the opportunity on the go?

• A great excuse to get someone’s phone number when warm chatting that doesn’t feel scammy?

• A way to pre-profile your party guests without having to spend time awkwardly calling strangers?

“When I’m warm chatting, it’s so much easier to text my AnchorCard link than to have to dig through my baby-stuff filled purse! My AnchorCard makes me look way more professional.”

Mailene Labrador Nieves, Beauty Consultant

We’re here to support you. 

I know how easy it is to buy a new tool and then totally forget about it.

But that’s not going to happen with your AnchorCard because we’re here to help you get started strong.

You have everything you need to be successful. Now it’s just time to dive in!

“AnchorCard is a great way to connect with potential customers, so they can see everything I have to offer quickly, while I can also easily get their contact info. It’s a perfect representation of how I want to present myself!”

Keri Dunham Muniz, Beauty Consultant

“The AnchorCard is perfect for warm chatting, sending new leads, and getting party RSVPs! It gets results for me that a physical business card never has.”

Becca Fretz, Beauty Consultant

Curious what an AnchorCard looks like?

Girl, they are CUTE!

And they are also highly strategic.

I’ve used years of marketing and design experience to carefully design your digital business card to work for you.

We’re not just stringing pretty colors and pictures together to make you look nice.

We’ve invested in getting to know digital marketing inside and out so that you don’t have to.

And when you set up your AnchorCard, you get to choose from 5 gorgeous designs, so you can show off your beautiful personality. 

Click any of the designs below to preview! Your preview will open in a new tab or window.

Meet Cassie

Cassie is adventurous and bright and loves a pop of floral and lush green.

Meet Audrey

Audrey loves to keep it classic with delicate gold, blush, and hints of Tiffany Blue.

Meet Maghon

Maghon is bold and bright, and she always turns her mistakes into confetti. 

Meet Julie

Julie is bold and fun and loves a good statement earring with a pop of hot pink.

Meet Amanda

Amanda is sweet and loves her country chic decors with hints of pink and blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, yes, and yes friend!! We’re here to support you every step of the way. Over the 7 days following your purchase you’ll automatically be enrolled in AnchorCard Bootcamp – a 7 day mini challenge to help you get started using your AnchorCard. Every day you’ll get one simple, manageable tip and action item. Slow and steady, you’ve got this girl!

Need ongoing support? Join our Facebook group where we share tips, answer questions, and record by-request tutorials! You might be in business for yourself, but you don’t need to be by yourself. Lean on us, we want to help!

Nope, this isn’t an app! It’s a website.

That means that you don’t need to download any fancy software, and it can work on any phone, computer, tablet, or… well, anything that can access the internet.

If you are a direct seller in the beauty industry whose company offers a car as a potential reward this can work for your business!

AnchorCards are ready instantly upon purchase!

If you’ve been with us for awhile, you probably remember that it used to take 5 to 7 days, and we’re over the moon excited to share that the wait it GONE! You get to start using your new business tool right away.

We’ve been there. You’re at a stage of growth where you know you need help in order to get to the next level, but since you’re not at the next level, you’re still building up to that dream budget.

When we reached this point, we floundered on the decision to make an investment for months…and when we finally did invest in ourselves, we started hitting our goals almost immediately. The return on our investment has been multiplying since.

With our own experience in mind, I encourage you to make an investment in your future–don’t miss out on opportunities like we did!

Nope! You can cancel at any time as long as you let us know before your next billing date.

Do you feel a little bit like no one is interested in buying from you? Like all you hear is “no”?

The truth is, you will meet MORE people who never become your customers than people who DO. And that is both normal and okay!

This only starts to feel heavy if you aren’t continuously meeting more customers.

With AnchorCard, you have a tool at your fingertips that makes it easy to share your business. You can warm chat without having to put pressure on someone who just isn’t a great fit.

This is a tool to help you build sustainable, efficient practices within your business.

Taking the steps now to make that happen, while your business is still growing, is the best way to build a strong foundation so that when you begin to grow, you have the confidence, clarity, and habits you need to be successful.

It is much easier to affect change when you are small or just starting out, so it is smart to get a new tool going now as you begin to grow.

“My AnchorCard is so easy to use–I love that I feel organized and stress-free! If you hate ordering business cards that just end up in a corner forgotten about, this is for you!”

Kyra Jerry, Beauty Consultant

“I feel so much more organized with my AnchorCard. I always have the tools I need to be more effective in my business. No more scrounging around trying to find a pen and paper!”

Maria Chamorro, Beauty Consultant

DISCLAIMER: Facts and figures mentioned on this page are mine or those provided by clients and do not represent the majority of consultants. These results come from years of experience, hard work, and consistently pursuing opportunities to grow.  I’m not suggesting that you’ll replicate these results and they are for example only. Your results will vary depending on your experience, situation, following, efforts, and offers. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and put in a lot of hard work. Anchor Design Co. is not affiliated with any Direct Sales Companies and all views expressed on this page are our own and do not represent any company other than Anchor Design Co.


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