4 Quick and Easy Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet and Get More Opt-Ins

Lead magnets are by far one of the best ways to get new lead. Because they trade a freebie for leads, instead of trading time or money for leads, their return on investment is significantly higher. But before you can experience any ROI, you've first got to share your lead magnet. So today, I'm sharing my top 10 FREE ways to share a lead magnet for more opt-ins and sign ups!

But first, what is a lead magnet? The short and sweet version is: A lead magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for a person's contact info and permission to market to them. For example, you might trade a free guide, or a free course, or something similar. If a person wants your free thing (whatever it is!) they have to sign up for it by giving you their name and email address and permission to market to them using their name and email.

So basically: A lead magnet is anything you give away in exchange for contact info and permission to market to someone. Quite literally, it's a magnet that attracts leads!

If you want to continue learning more about exactly what a lead magnet it, click here. But for now, let's dive in to:

5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Lead Magnet

Share it in a Facebook group.

One of the simplest ways to share your lead magnet is through a Facebook group full of your ideal customer. Now, you're not just going to post it and ghost it though- most groups don't allow you to just share your lead magnet as it's own post because if everyone did that there would be no other posts. Everyone would just be fishing for leads.

Instead, you're going to scroll through the recent posts in that group and start answering any question that relates to your lead magnet. And when you do, you're going to give the best dang answer around. Really put thought and a few minutes of time into writing your response – this is your opportunity to show that you're an expert and someone worth trusting. At the end of your best-comment-ever, add a line like, “I actually have a free guide that you might like… it's all about how to XYZ. Here's the link if you want to check it out!” And then add the link to download your lead magnet (If you don't have a landing page for your lead magnet, I suggest using an AnchorCard to keep it super easy).

Add it to your email signature

Alright, the first method of sharing required some effort, so let's follow that up with a simple one: add the link to your lead magnet to your email signature with a catchy call-to-action. This one is simple, passive, and a one-time-set-up so it's an easy no-brainer.

Try something like, “Download a FREE                   so that you can                   at MyAnchorCard.com/                  !”

Write an educational post

This can be a blog post or a social media post – use what you've got! And if you have both, do both 😉

This is one of the BEST ways to promote your lead magnet because you start by delivering tons of value (ie: give, give, give) and at the end you ask for something in return: for the person reading to opt-in. By delivering a ton of value right before you ask for something you're more likely to get a “yes” because you've proven that you're someone worth trusting. Someone who really knows their stuff.

The post itself doesn't need to be about exactly the same topic as your lead magnet. Instead, it's actually better if it's about something related, that way at the end you're BUILDING on the knowledge you just shared- not reinventing the wheel.

Use the power of pinterest

Pinterest is a massively powerful tool to use for lead generation because it's actually NOT social media: it's a search engine. Think about how you use it: do you ever go on Pinterest to start a chat with friends? Nope! You go on Pinterest to search for things: A new recipe, inspiration for your house, craft ideas… when you visit Pinterest you're searching for something, you're looking for answers.

This means it's the PERFECT place to share a lead magnet which, more often than not, answers a question or solves a problem for your ideal customer. Because people are already on Pinterest searching for an answer, they're more likely to be receptive to you offering something for them to download.

The other thing that's great about Pinterest is you can share the same content multiple times a day, over and over again and it will only extend your reach. So this isn't like Facebook where you can only share one post one time. As long as you change the image of your pin slightly, you can keep sharing the same content over and over and over and it will help you reach more people! Canva is an awesome tool for creating Pins because you can use pre-made templates to design Pins super fast without having to have a lot of design skills.

So there you have it! 4 quick and easy ways to promote your lead magnet so that you can get more qualified, hot leads into your business!

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